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Blue Marble Geographics – What’s new in Geographic Calculator 2023?

By Blue Marble Geographics / 30 May 2023
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Geographic Calculator®, a robust geodetic software renowned for its precise coordinate conversion, datum transformation, and file translation capabilities, is soon releasing its latest version, Geographic Calculator 2023, in November. This upcoming release brings exciting new features and improvements, including:

Enhanced functionality in Interactive and Point Database jobs, enabling the generation of base geodetic coordinates alongside projected coordinates when the target coordinate system is projected.

Redesigned GeoCalc dialogs featuring a new live filter search and advanced multi-parameter search, making it easier to navigate and access desired functions.

Expanded file format support with read and write capabilities for LASzip (LAZ) format files, with the added option to specify the LAS specification version for output LAS/LAZ files.

Improved accuracy assessment with individual point accuracy outputs for NADCON5 Interactive and Point Database transformations, facilitating precise measurements.

Velocity output for Interactive and Point Database Conversions using Horizontal Time Dependent Positioning, enabling the incorporation of velocity information in geodetic calculations.

Introducing Rhumb line support in Area Calculation, allowing for more comprehensive and accurate area computations.

These new features and enhancements make Geographic Calculator 2023 a highly anticipated and valuable tool for professionals and industries involved in survey

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