Miniature Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG Sensors) & IMUs for UAVs & Robotics

Revolutionary Miniature FOG IMUs by Fizoptika Malta

Fizoptika Malta leverages proprietary in-line technology to set new standards in high accuracy low-SWaP inertial measurement products Feature Article by Fizoptika Malta
Revolutionary Miniature FOG IMUs by Fizoptika Malta
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Cutting-edge Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) by Fizoptika Malta are designed to be the most miniature and advanced in the industry.

Founded on over 35 years of innovation and expertise in fiber optic technology, Fizoptika Malta’s FOG IMUs incorporate an exclusive 40-micron polarization maintaining (PM) optical fiber.

Speciality ultra-thin fiber used in Fizoptika Malta products

Speciality ultra-thin fiber used in Fizoptika Malta products

This specialized fiber retains its optical guiding capabilities even under extreme deformations, enabling the fabrication of all fiber optic components directly on a single fiber length. This unique process involves shaping the fiber at high temperatures when quartz glass becomes ductile, resulting in a spliceless, highly integrated system.
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The new FOG IMUs inherit the best physical and performance characteristics from Fizoptika Malta’s renowned single-axis FOGs. The spliceless design, when all optical components are fabricated on a single fiber length, ensures seamless integration with zero optical loss. This translates to remarkably low-noise performance, reduced power consumption, and exceptional efficiency.

An exploded model of the FOG IMU121D

An exploded model of the FOG IMU121D

Fizoptika Malta’s in-line technology allows for the precise tuning of optical components, granting FOGs exceptional immunity to electromagnetic interference. Consequently, Fizoptika Malta FOG IMUs exhibit minimal magnetic response even without additional magnetic shielding, whilst shielded versions offer unparalleled magnetic immunity.
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The evolution of in-line spliceless technology has empowered Fizoptika Malta to produce some of the world’s smallest fiber optic gyroscopes. This innovation has naturally extended to the development of extremely compact and lightweight FOG-based IMUs.

Unmanned Applications

These advancements make these FOG IMUs ideal for a wide range of unmanned and robotic applications where size, weight, and power efficiency are critical:

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for UAVs/Drones
Providing precise navigation and control for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for UUVs/USVs/ROVs
Ensuring accurate navigation for underwater and surface vessels.

Flight Control Systems
Enhancing stability and control in various aviation platforms.

Key features include:

  • Miniature Size – the smallest footprint available, ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • Lightweight Design – facilitates ease of integration and operation in dynamic environments.
  • Low Power Consumption – ensuring efficient operation over extended periods.
  • Magnetic Immunity – delivering robust performance even in magnetically challenging environments.
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