UTAC 2021 – Unmanned Tactical Application Conference

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Date(s):04/10/2021 - 08/10/2021 Venue:, 600 Perry Pkwy, Perry, GA, 31069, United States Visit Website
UTAC 2021 - Unmanned Tactical Application Conference

About the Event

The Unmanned Tactical Application Conference (UTAC) is the most realistic technology and training conference in the world focused on real-time unmanned systems response in disaster or emergency operations. The conference serves as a hub of information and innovation, drawing on the professional experience of industry leaders, subject matter experts, and UAS program managers from around the world.

UTAC is a week-long, fully-immersive conference educating public safety and defense professionals on advanced unmanned and integrative technologies within their respective agencies.

Developed in full by FLYMOTION, the conference takes place in Perry, GA at the world-renowned Guardian Centers training facility. UTAC 2021 will feature 8 disaster scenarios played out in real-time with certified instructors and teams alongside classroom training. All attendees will leave with invaluable hands-on training and best practices regarding unmanned systems technology they can apply to their own daily operations.

UTAC 2021 scenarios include active shooter, drone detection and mitigation, tanker fire / crash, water rescue / flood disaster, missing persons, wanted suspect, vehicle takedown, and subway terrorist attack.

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