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UNVEX S&D (Security & Defense) – the European Summit on Unmanned Systems for Security and Defense –  will take place in León (Spain), 29-31 May 2018.

UNVEX S&D (Unmanned Vehicle Exhibition) is a professional event born in 2010 that has already celebrate four editions in Spain and three in Latin America, aimed to promote the knowledge and application of autonomous systems.

Plus the experience of UNVEX’s organizers that has already held four successful editions in Spain and three in Latin America

At UNVEX S&D, participants can take part in a program of high level professional conferences, visit the exhibition area where companies will show their unmanned and autonomous solutions, and attend live demonstrations of remotely piloted systems (UAV, UGV) in military installations.

UNVEX S&D is Europe’s summit dedicated to RPAS for defence and security and serves as a unique meeting point for users, technologists and industry.

Why a European Summit?

The demand for Unmanned Systems from Military and Security Forces continues to drive the technological development of the drone and robotics industry, and a forum is required to allow for the continuous exchange of professional knowledge in this industry.

For the first time, the European Commission has articulated an ambitious plan to make funds and financial instruments available to the European defence and security industry for research and development of new joint defence capabilities, to achieve strategic autonomy.

European RPAS projects such as the EUROMALE advances and the first projects of the EDA have the remotely piloted systems as targets in important aspects as the so-called “swarms”, the navigation of interiors, or “detect and avoid” systems.

Europe does not have a specific event dedicated to RPAS for defence and security, UNVEX S&D offers the opportunity to have in Europe a summit of its own and to serve as a unique meeting point for users, technologists and industry.

Why attend?

Attend conferences, visit the exhibition, see real demonstrations and network within a growing community.

For industry, UNVEX S&D offers the opportunity to showcase the latest solutions to decision makers, end users and experienced professionals from across Europe.

Presentations will discuss, through real-world examples, the requirements for unmanned systems, and the doctrine of use, along with future expectations of the technology. Industry speakers will highlight new developments and how they can respond to demands from military and security forces.

León, just two hours by high-speed train from Madrid, offers excellent facilities and is located near two military bases experienced in UAV/ UGV demonstrations.

UNVEX S&D has the full support of Spanish authorities, professionals and industry. The Spanish Minister of Defence accepted the honorary presidency and will open UNVEX S&D, also Secretary of State of Security, Chiefs of Staff and national industry associations.  The support and collaboration of institutions such as CE, EDA, OCCAR, EUMS and NATO had been also requested.

UNVEX SECURITY & DEFENCE 2018, a meeting that European professionals can’t miss.

More Information and Registration

To learn more about UNVEX S&D, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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