Unmanned Aerial Systems

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About Unmanned Aerial Systems

The 15th annual Unmanned Aerial Systems Conference, hosted by SMi, aims to explore the most highly relevant and niche developments within the field of UAS’s and UAV’s in relation to the military. The conference will provide the perfect platform for the industry to discuss the legislative, physical and technological challenges in implementing UAV’s and will assess the advancements in the commercial sector and how they can be applied to optimize Military operations.

For more information on the event visit www.uasconference.com/ust



Key Benefits of Attending in 2015:

  • Examine the integration of UAVs into protected national and international air space
  • Discuss the influence of commercial tech developments and give a critical analysis of the ramifications of these on the military
  • Evaluate the importance of scale and the impact of small and nano-sized UAVs on training and operations
  • Debate the use of autonomous UAVs in ISR, combat support and law enforcement
  • Explore the measures being taken to counter UAS strikes

Expert Speaker Line-up Includes:

  • Colonel Robert Kiebler, Commander, 49th Wing, Holloman AFB, United States Air Force
  • Colonel Enrique Martinez, Chief of the Acquisition Programs Section, Spanish Air Force
  • Colonel Birger Mejlholm, Commander, Danish Army Intelligence Centre, Danish Army
  • Captain Nicklas Fredriksson, Squadron Commander 2iC, TUAV, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Intendant Carlos Henrique Madureira Ribeiro, Head of Operations, Portuguese Police Force
  • Jean-Youri Marty, Deputy Director, Capability, Armament & Technology Directorate, European Defence Agency
  • Tom Buckner, RPAS & Airworthiness Staff Officer, NATO HQ
  • Squadron Leader (ret’d) Keven Gambold, CEO, Unmanned Experts
  • Dr Stephen Prior, Reader in Unmanned Air Vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering, University Of Southampton
  • George Gonsalves, Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Aviation Analyst, HQ TRADOC, United States Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley, Chief Unmanned Ground Systems/Lethality Branch, HQ TRADOC, United States Army
  • Denis Koehl, Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, SESAR Joint Undertaking
  • Louisa Brooke-Holland, Defence Analyst, House of Commons
  • Andre Clot, Centre Director, Eurousc
  • Alain Lumbroso, Economist, International Transport Forum, OECD

For those interested in attending, there is currently an early bird discount of £300 when registering before 17th July 2015. Book by the 30th September and save £100.

More Information and Registration

To learn more about Unmanned Aerial Systems, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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