Robot Technology Exhibition (RTEX)

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About Robot Technology Exhibition (RTEX)

With growing social & environmental challenges worldwide, industries including Healthcare, Automation, Manufacturing, and Security / Safety see the importance of further development in the field of Robot Technology (RT). A crucial stage in facilitating RT and gaining support is to bring experts from around the world to one meeting point.

Dubai’s strategic location connecting East and West has transformed the city into a global trade hub. With nearly 43% of the population under the age of 30, the city represents a culture which is future-oriented. Its government aspires to invest in the latest innovations and shows a strong will in supporting new sustainable ideas, enabling continuous economic growth, and fostering a transformation to a knowledge economy.

Gathering knowledge and technology from around the globe, RTEX will be the first event in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) exhibiting the latest innovations in Robotics & Automation. RTEX presents a distinguished source for companies and investors to enter a unique market and experience a new level of science and technology.

By hosting this event, Dubai continues its successful path of being a first mover in the region as well as worldwide. RTEX hopes to add value to Dubai’s rising economy by involving various business sectors, creating employment opportunities, attracting international investors, and catapulting the city to a tech hub.

RTEX is designed to provide a platform for companies to exhibit their products and present latest advancements; for public officials and innovators to find solutions that utilize the latest robotics technologies in order to improve the operations of their company or institute; for academics and students to connect with the industry; and for the interested public to learn more and get inspired about the technology.

Anyone not only from the Industrial but also from the Medical, Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Education and numerous other fields will find solutions of their interest in RTEX.

The focus of the 2014 RTEX will be on Automation, Town Automation (Smart City Concept), Logistics, Unmanned Systems, Consumer & Healthcare robotics.

More Information and Registration

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