Research & Innovation Symposium in Europe for Security & Defence (RISE-SD)

May 31 - Jun 2, 2022
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Key Details Dates: May 31 - Jun 2, 2022 Venue: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
About Research & Innovation Symposium in Europe for Security & Defence (RISE-SD)

The first “Research and Innovation Symposium in Europe for Security and Defence (RISE-SD)” will explore how security and defence research contributes to the overall resilience of our European society against modern challenges. RISE-SD 2022 will be held between 31-st May and 2-nd June in the oldest city in Europe – Plovdiv. The goal of the symposium is to provide a forum for scientific results dissemination and knowledge exchange, as well as networking opportunities for EU-funded projects in security and defence.

Besides, the symposium will be a platform for boosting cooperation among scientific organizations, defence industry, security and defence practitioners, policy makers, stakeholders.

The RISE-SD 2022 will gather more than 100 participants representing a wide range of security and defence stakeholders as well as a wide number of policy-makers from across Europe. The event will mark the first year after the launch of Horizon Europe and European Defence Fund (EDF), the new framework programme for research and innovation. The RISE-SD will emphasis the need to deepen collaboration between project teams and organizations to ensure a successful market uptake of the positive outcomes of security and defence research. The symposium also focused on the need for security and defence research to keep up to speed with a fast- changing environment to fully exploit the opportunities posed by new technological trends and scientific achievments. For this reason, more than 30 speakers and participating projects, as well as, representatives from European Defence Agency (EDA), Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DG DEFIS), European Commission (EC), NATO Science & Technology Organization (STO), AFCEA and others, will be invited.

Each participant will have the opportunity for a presentation within 30 minutes, demonstration of practical solutions for filling identified capability gaps in EU security and defence polices. Besides, the participans will have an opportunity for communications and discussions on future collaboration for common R&I projects to reach the EU Commission goals in the field of security and defence.

The Symposium will be held in parallel with a series of events related to security and defence, such as the XV-th International Defence Equipment Exhibition “HEMUS – Defence, Antiterrorism & Security” (will start on 1-st June) and XI–th International Conference “HEMUS” – Scientific research, technologies and innovation – basic for building new defence capabilities (will start on 2-nd June). The participants in the symposium are cordially invited to attend the events.

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Defence Institute – MoD, Foundation “HEMUS-95”, and AFCEA-Sofia Chapter.

More Information and Registration

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