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About Ohio UAS Conference

Welcome to the third annual Ohio UAS Conference – “UAS Aviation: A Partnership for the Future!” Once again, this year’s event will be a forum to establish UAS community partnerships between representatives from government, industry and academia. We will examine requirements for access into the National Airspace System (NAS), review technologies associated with enabling UAS applications and discuss recent developments within the research and academic community.

At last year’s conference we had great discussions concerning the integration of UAS into the NAS with a focus on the advancement of technology and initiatives supporting the development of this ever-emerging industry. Our agenda will take those discussions to the next level covering topics such as governmental updates, autonomy, airspace access, modeling and simulation, manufacturing, UAS regulations and law, first responders, and precision agriculture, to name a few. We have also expanded our technically advanced Training Sessions in the areas of Emergency Responders, Standards and Regulations, Precision Agriculture, and Geospatial Information. Newly added this year is a Call for Abstracts for afternoon technical session presentations. Finally, the exhibits have expanded into a large exhibit hall, which contributes to more peer-to-peer networking opportunities and solutions in the UAS industry.

As we continue to face economic challenges and look for ways to increase productivity, it is evident that developments in the UAS industry may provide many opportunities to contribute to our capabilities as a nation. This year’s Ohio UAS Conference will hopefully assist with strategically supporting each of our goals towards enhancing this projected dynamic growth sector. If you are a current or future participant in the UAS community, we invite you to attend this year’s conference. We hope our conference will exceed your expectations and also give you the chance to enjoy the hospitality of the State of Ohio and the Dayton Region!

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