National Congress on Counter UAS Technology

May 24-25, 2022
United States
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Key Details Dates: May 24-25, 2022 Venue: Washington, DC, United States
About National Congress on Counter UAS Technology

Advancing Counter UAS Technologies for U.S. Multi-Domain Dominance.

The escalation of small, increasingly sophisticated UASs being available to nation states, nonstate actors and individuals exposes a growing threat to not only military forces and law enforcement, but to critical infrastructures, and civilians alike. The DoD has recognized this ongoing threat of s-UAS and plans on increasing its budget spend to at least $636 million on C-UAS research and at least $75 million on C-UAS Procurement – which represents a $134 million increase over FY21.

ACI’s Counter UAS Technology Forum has been created to advance discussions on CUAS threats past the existing intelligence, and deep dive into the evolving drone risks which can pose a significant disruptive force not only to the United States but globally.

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