Nano SD 2013

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About Nano SD 2013

NanoSD 2013 will provide an opportunity to discuss general issues and important impacts of nanotechnology in the development of security and defense. A broad range of defense and security technologies and applications, such as nanostructures, nanosensors, nano energy sources, and nanoelectronics which are influencing these days will be discussed.

It is evident that nanotechnology can bring many innovations into the defense world such as new innovative products, materials and power sources. Therefore, NanoSD 2013 will present current developments, research findings and relevant information on nanotechnology that will impact the security and defense.


  • Nano for Biosensors
  • Textile
  • ICT
  • Nano Optics-NanoPhotonics
  • Nanomaterials
  • BioMedicine
  • Energy
  • Space Technologies and Operations
  • Signal and Imaging Processing

This conference is held as part of the Imagine Nano 2013 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Event.

More Information and Registration

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