Joint Air Survivability Summit 2024

Jul 31 - Aug 1, 2024
United States
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Key Details Dates: Jul 31 - Aug 1, 2024 Venue: Maryland, United States
About Joint Air Survivability Summit 2024

Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Enhance Survivability in the Air Domain

The Joint Air Survivability Summit 2024 will highlight key threats posed to aerial platforms from adversaries, and will showcase the innovative technologies and strategies which can be used to counter them.

Senior level speakers will examine and detail the role of different approaches to enhancing airframe and crew survivability. These approaches include threat avoidance, test & evaluation, defensive aids, physical protection, and damage mitigation. Discussions will also center around furthering the role of electromagnetic detectors, effectors, & simulators as defensive aids.

This forum will also offer insight into current/future initiatives toward integrating launched effects that aide in extending the organic reach, lethality, and survivability of aerial platforms.

The event is open to U.S. citizens only.

When is the Joint Air Survivability Summit?

The Joint Air Survivability Summit 2024 takes place from July 31 – August 1.

What are the themes of the Joint Air Survivability Summit?

The 2024 Joint Air Survivability Summit will center around how the U.S. DoD is leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the survivability of aerial platforms, as well as the safety of aircrews in hostile environments.

This year’s forum will convene U.S. DoD, Military Services, Industry, & Academia, encouraging discussions around the strategies required to upgrade aircraft survivability equipment and related threat management solutions.

Topics set to be covered at the 2024 summit include:

  • Assessing aircraft survivability solutions & evaluation methods necessary to dominate the multi-domain battlefield & mitigate combat aircraft losses
  • Developing & fielding aircraft survivability systems that maximize the survivability of Army aircraft against evolving threats
  • Advancing launched effects to increase air survivability & meet current & future needs of the Army
  • Improving Naval aircraft survivability to enhance warfighting effectiveness & air superiority
  • Leading the sustainment, modernization, & survivability of the Air Force fighter portfolio
  • Delivering lethal & survivable aviation capabilities to enable USMC aviation mission success
  • Fielding & sustaining fully integrated ground to air defense solutions to eliminate enemy threats

What’s on at the 2024 Joint Air Survivability Summit?

Attendees to the Joint Air Survivability Summit will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain Education & Insight: Gained knowledge and insights from senior level speakers on some of the complex challenges facing the DoD and Military Services.
  • Build Partnerships: Engage in constructive dialogue through allotted networking opportunities.
  • Influence: Share insights and knowledge during interactive sessions. Attendees are encouraged to address the speaker faculty and one another with questions, comments or ideas.

The event will also feature a panel highlighting the Launched Effects program and how it will support the Army enterprise in the future operating environment.

Attendees at the Joint Air Survivability Summit will have the unique opportunity to discuss and ask questions to key decision makers, subject experts, and solution providers to ensure aircraft lethality and survivability in future combat operations.

Where is the 2024 Joint Air Survivability Summit?

Sunset Room at National Harbor Marina
137 National Plaza, 20745
National Harbor, Oxon Hill, MD
United States

More Information and Registration

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