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Drones 2017: Accident and Investigation

Event Details

Date(s):21/02/2017 Venue:Cranfield University, College Road, Cranfield, , , United Kingdom Visit Website
Drones 2017: Accident and Investigation

About the Event

Drones 2017: Accident and Investigation will enable attendees to learn about the implementation of drone technology in emergency response services across the UK and how it can benefit post-incident investigation and data collection. With the UK thought-leaders in this field, hear from leading investigation branches about how they harness drone technology for safer investigations and hear from emergency services about how using the technology means more efficient emergency response.

Insight will also be provided into the national picture of drone implementation for the UK Police service and what this could mean for your organisation. Furthermore, learn about the latest drone technology including cost-effective design which could revolutionise your missions. Not only will the event feature practical case studies of drone use but also there will be the opportunity to experience the technology first hand with our live drones show.

Why attend Drones 2017: Accident and Investigation?
• Drones 2017: Accident and Investigation is the only drones event focused on the use of the technology for accident and investigation purposes
• Learn about the implementation of drone technology in the emergency response services across the UK and how it could significantly reduce risk in your emergency response
• Learn about the latest drone technology including the 3D mapping software and sense and avoid technology
• Take the opportunity to experience drone technology first hand with our live drone show
• Find out all your answers through our “Quiz the Experts” panel made up of key players in drone technology and use
• Network and engage with Accident and Investigation branches, fire services, police services and drone technology experts

Confirmed Speakers for 2017 includes:
• Lt Cdr Scott Hislop, Defence AIB Senior Engineer (Maritime), Defence Accident Investigation Branch
• Richard Ross, Principal Inspector, Air Accident Investigation Branch
• Mark Callaghan, Operational Lead for Drones, National Police Chief’s Council
• Thomas Braagaard Sylvest, Head of UAV Education and Operation, Copenhagen Fire Department
• Ian Capewell, Inspector, Rail Accident Investigation Branch

Key Programme Highlights:
• The Defence Accident Investigation Branch and Air Accident Investigation Branch share about their use of drone technology
• Hear about the national picture of drone development and use across the UK Police force from The Association of Chief Police Officers
• The UK Ministry of Defence share an exclusive case study on the latest unmanned drone project with Airbus
• Discover insightful results from the European Emergency Number Association DJI Drone trial from the Copenhagen Fire Department
• Hear from leaders in drone use by emergency services Lancashire Fire and Rescue Team

Attendees will receive practical guidance on topics including:
• Technology – available, limitations, innovations and future
• Autonomous versus Piloted
• 3D modelling and mapping options
• Manning and managing the drone programme
• Privacy, data protection and integrity
• Insurance
• Interference and magnetic fields
• Air space segregation
• Legislation and regulation – not just to the use and operation but to the use of the content, evidence and data gathered

How to register
Register on or before 20 January 2017 at the early booking rates and save. The easiest way to register is online at http://events.imeche.org/ViewEvent?e=6465
Email [email protected], telephone +44 (0)20 7973 1251

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