Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2024

May 27-30, 2024
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Key Details Dates: May 27-30, 2024 Venue: St. John's Convention Centre, 50 New Gower Street, St. John's - Newfoundland and Labrador, A1C 1J3, Canada
About Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2024

Following the successful US Hydro 2023, Canada now looks forward to welcoming international delegates to North America’s easternmost city, celebrated for its maritime heritage. The Canadian Hydrographic Association, in partnership with The Hydrographic Society of America, is hosting CHC2024.

When is CHC2024?

The Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2024 runs from May 27-30, 2024.

What is the CHC2024 theme?

The theme of CHC2024 is “Unveiling our Blue Planet.” This mirrors critical global initiatives like the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and the Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project. These projects emphasize the increasing need to understand our oceans amidst ongoing advancements within the hydrographic field.

The conference will focus on five key areas:

  • Understanding Climate Change
  • The Blue Economy
  • Partnering and Collaboration
  • Technological Advances
  • Education and Careers

CHC2024 will provide a platform for networking and displaying research, as well as showcasing expert demonstrations and presentations among hydrographic professionals.

What’s On?

All onsite presentations will be live at the venue, as scheduled in the conference program. For presenters, the attributed presentation format will appear in their official acceptance notice email.

Workshops include displays from:

  • Kongsberg
  • QPS
  • Teledyne Geospatial
  • IBSC Workshop
  • NORBIT Workshop

Social events on offer:

  • Ice Breaker
  • Exhibitors’ Evening, Networking Cocktail
  • Poster Session Happy Hours, Networking, Cocktails
  • Networking at the Yellowbelly Brewery

There are also two tours available, exploring the The Launch and the Marine Institute’s state-of-the-art living lab in Holyrood.

Session Topics

Development and innovation

  • Acquisition, Remote Acquisition, Crowdsourcing
  • Processing/QC & CATZOC
  • Transformation, Visualization
  • Distribution
  • Innovation
  • Standards, Automation/AI
  • Navigation, Autonomous Surface Shipping
  • Human Factor (Education, Training, Certification, Professional Development)
  • Cybersecurity, Jamming, Spoofing

Application fields

  • Infrastructure, Engineering
  • Geodesy, Datums, GNSS
  • Hydrospatial
  • Vision, Strategy, Policy
  • Environment, Climate, Natural Risk, Erosion
  • Fisheries Resources, Marine Biology
  • Marine Technologies, Underwater robotics
  • Underwater Archeology
  • Energy, Transport
  • Seabed Mapping
  • Oceanography, Ocean Science and Sustainable Development
  • Digitalization and Digital Twin
  • Blue Economy
  • Partnering and Collaboration

Where is CHC2024?

St. John’s Convention Centre
50 New Gower Street
St. John’s – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
A1C 1J3

More Information and Registration

To learn more about Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2024, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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