Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit

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Date(s):19-20 September 2018 Venue:Mary M. Gates Learning Center, 701 N Fairfax St, Alexandria, VA, 22314, United States Visit Website
Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit

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The 2018 Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit will provide a forum to discuss the advancements and applications of autonomy, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to enhance current and emerging DoD capabilities and systems.

The Summit will focus on the key efforts aimed at accelerating the exploitation of autonomy, both to realize the potential military value, and to remain ahead of adversaries who will also exploit its operational benefits. Examine the DoD’s major initiatives in the enabling of autonomous systems, strategic assessments of the challenges, gaps, and opportunities for current and future application, to include the identification of potential investments that advance and initiate critical capability development.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Accelerating the DoD’s Adoption of Autonomous Capabilities
  • Addressing Design, Requirements, and Acquisition Challenges Specific to Autonomy
  • Supporting Research and Advancements to Machine Learning / AI
  • Applying Levels of Machine Learning and Narrow AI to DoD Systems at Rest and In Motion Across Physical and Non-Physical Domain Systems and Platforms
  • Developing Test, Evaluation, Validation, and Verification (TEVV) Techniques that Focus on Challenges Unique to Autonomy
  • Human-Machine Teaming Challenges of Transitioning to Increasingly Autonomous Systems
  • Improving Trustworthiness and Trust in Autonomous Systems
  • Integrating Counter-Autonomy to Remain Ahead of Adversaries Leveraging Autonomy.

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Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit

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