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Tethered System Tethering Power System for UAVs
Tethered System

Tethering Power System for UAVs

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Tethered System

The Tethering Power System combines unmanned aircrafts with tether system and base power station. The system provides continuous power to the unmanned aircraft via a tether cable. It enables unmanned aircrafts to stay in the air for an elongated time, and makes them independent of on-board batteries.

The tether power system provides 110m of tether cable that weighs 1.8kg. The system can be customized according to specific requirements. The tether power system displays key information to make it convenient for the operator to monitor status constantly.

The tether power system plays a vital role in surveillance, long-duration health monitoring, emergency communication, traffic management, environment inspections, scientific research and many more.


Base Station Size 560*470*350mm
Tethered Base Station Weight 37±1kg
Line Length 110m
Cable Weight 1.8kg
Tensile Strength 50kg
Retractable System Automatic
Optical Fiber Yes
Output Voltage 24V/48V DC
Output Power 5000W
Input Voltage 220V AC 50Hz