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Ranger P2-X Unmanned Helicopter Long-Range BVR Reconnaissance Drone
Ranger P2-X Unmanned Helicopter

Long-Range BVR Reconnaissance Drone

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Ranger P2-X Unmanned Helicopter

The Ranger P2-X is a BVR (beyond visual range) long-endurance unmanned helicopter drone that features a modular quick-disassembly design, allowing the aircraft to be broken down into four modules and packed into a bag for easy transport. With a flight endurance of up to 2 hours, an operational range of 100km and a data transmission range of up to 30km, it is ideal for a wide range of surveillance and mapping applications.

The VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) UAV can take off and land from moving platforms, and can be equipped with a variety of payloads for multi-mission flexibility, including electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) imaging systems. The rugged unmanned helicopter can operate in harsh environmental conditions including temperatures down to -20°C, and has a verified flight ceiling of 5100 metres.

The Ranger P2-X is controlled with a dual-screen ground control station (GCS) for drone flight planning and route planning. The GCS can be used to plan and execute customized routes and features built-in mission templates.