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QL Long Endurance VTOL Tandem Fixed Wing Hybrid VTOL Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aircraft
QL Long Endurance VTOL Tandem Fixed Wing

Hybrid VTOL Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aircraft

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QL Long Endurance VTOL Tandem Fixed Wing

QL is a high-performance vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV flight platform. It is a tandem fixed wing unmanned aircraft, which is hybrid in nature. The four motor allows for vertical take-off and landing, which enables the aircraft to take-off and land in confined locations. Combining multi-rotor and fixed-wing design, QL not only has the advantage of vertical take-off and landing, but also has the characteristics of long endurance and faster flight speeds.

Cruising engine propeller on tail of the fuselage makes the aircraft more aerodynamic, it decreases the air resistance while increasing the thrust. Rear engine design leaves more space for large payload carrying capacity. QL has an oversized front hatch design and spacious fuselage cabin, which provides extra space. Payload cabin can be modified based on mission specific requirements and payload dimensions.

QL does not require a runway for take-off and landing, which ensures smooth operation in mountainous areas, plateau and other areas with complex terrain, greatly expanding the application range of unmanned aircraft. It can be equipped with a large variety of payloads to provide public security, surveillance, aerial mapping, disaster management, situational awareness, equipment transportation, search and rescue, and many more.


Dimensions Without rotor blades: 2020*3744*696mm
Max Take-off Weight 35kg
UAV Weight 18kg
Max Payload 13kg
Cruising Speed 90-110km/h (max 145km/h)
Wind Resistance Level 6 (fixed-wing mode; wind speed 13.5m/s)
Level 5 (multi-rotor mode; wind speed 10.5m/s)
Fuel Consumption 0.96L/h
Fuel Capacity 10L
Endurance 10 hours (3kg payload)
Max Operating ASL Altitude 5850m (fixed-wing mode)
3500m (multi-rotor mode)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +45°C