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Blowfish A2 Heavy-Lift VTOL UAV Multi-mission Unmanned Helicopter
Blowfish A2 Heavy-Lift VTOL UAV

The Blowfish A2 is a versatile multi-mission unmanned helicopter with a 15kg lift capacity and open payload cabin design, allowing the system to be fitted with a wide variety of payloads such as EO/IR cameras, LiDAR scanners and weapons systems.

With a high wind resistance and the ability to take off and land in a very small space, the Blowfish A2 is an ideal maritime ISR platform. It can be equipped with an AIS (automatic ship identification) transceiver and has a wider coverage area than patrol vessels. The aircraft also supports long-range HD video links and 4G communications modules for real-time image transmission.

Featuring real-time monitoring and a dual redundant flight control system, the Blowfish A2 is a safe and highly efficient solution for a variety of industrial and military applications.