Underwater Sonar: Side-Scan Imaging Sonar & Forward Looking Sonar for Obstacle Avoidance & Navigation
Vigilant – Forward Looking Sonar FLS for USV & UUV navigation and collision avoidance
Vigilant – Forward Looking Sonar

FLS for USV & UUV navigation and collision avoidance

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Vigilant – Forward Looking Sonar

Vigilant is a Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) designed to enhance situational awareness and obstacle avoidance for USVs and UUVs operating in uncharted and hazard-prone waters. The underwater sonar sensor provides timely alerts for threats below the surface, allowing vessels to take clear evasive action.

Delivering unrivalled resolution and detail, Vigilant can be retrofitted to almost any existing vessel, significantly reducing the risk of groundings and underwater collisions with debris, ice, marine mammals and other hazards.

Real-time 3D imaging and collision warning
Vigilant forward looking sonar

Vigilant has 2 principle modes of operation – 3D and sonar mode. 3D mode uses bathymetry and colour-coded depth imagery to create a 3D terrain map of the seabed and water column ahead out to 600 m and down to 100 m. Sonar mode extracts long-range positional data, providing customizable automated alarms to warn of objects up to 1.5 km ahead with a 120-degree field of view.

The system includes a historical mapping capability that can be used to build a comprehensive picture of the underwater environment surrounding the vessel, providing greater situational awareness. It can also be used with Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) overlays.


Vigilant 1000 Vigilant 1500
Ranges 75/150/300/600m (depth mode)
75/150/300/600/1000m (sonar mode)
75/150/300/600m (depth mode)
75/150/300/600/900/1500m (sonar mode)
Receiver Dimensions
(H x W x L)
110 x 310 x 400.5 mm 110 x 310 x 400.5 mm
Transmitter Dimensions
(H x W x L)
346.5 x 118 x 115.6 mm 557.5 x 118 x 115.6 mm
Receiver Weight 15 kg in air, 4 kg in water 15 kg in air, 4 kg in water
Transmitter Weight 3.3 kg in air, 0.8 kg in water 6 kg in air, 1.4 kg in water
Power Consumption <150W <150W
Operational Speed Up to 25 knots Up to 25 knots
Operating Frequency 70 kHz 70 kHz
Max Operational Depth 30m 30m
Angular Accuracy ~0.3° ~0.3°