Underwater Sonar: Side-Scan Imaging Sonar & Forward Looking Sonar for Obstacle Avoidance & Navigation
Sentinel IDS – Intruder Detection Sonar Automatically detects, classifies and tracks subsea threats
Sentinel IDS – Intruder Detection Sonar

Automatically detects, classifies and tracks subsea threats

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Sentinel IDS – Intruder Detection Sonar Your underwater security covered

Sentinel IDS is used globally to protect critical national infrastructure, ports and harbours, military operations and ports, private and commercial yachts, commercial vessels and waterside properties.

Sentinel automatically detects, classifies and tracks subsea threats approaching your protected area or asset, such as a diver, swimmer delivery vehicle or unmanned drone. Our latest generation IDS, Sentinel 2, adds advanced Simultaneous In-band Active and Passive Sonar capability (SInAPS®) to identify and protect, at ranges of up to 1500m for mini-subs and divers.

Sentinel is an intuitive system that will automatically inform the end user of any potential threat without the need for any sonar-trained personnel.

Depending on your application, Sentinel can be supplied in either a portable and mobile package for rapid deployment where temporary security is required or as a permanently installed system for continuous protection of a known asset or perimeter.

  • Identifies and classifies threats up to 1500m from any waterside asset
  • Wavefront’s unique SInAPS® technology combines the detection and tracking capabilities of active and passive sonar
  • Simultaneous multiple detections and tracks of subsea threats in a single processing cycle
  • Super-Inheritance to maintain single track across multiple sonar heads
  • Full aperture target zoom processing capabilities for lower false alarm rates
  • Historical tracking data for enhanced threat target validity and evaluation
  • Compact and portable for rapid overboard deployment, when needed
  • Permanent installation for continuous protection of perimeters and assets
  • Low false alarm rate; no specialist sonar experience required