High-Precision Oceanographic & Hydrographic Instruments for Uncrewed Marine Vehicles (USVs, AUVs & ROVs)
SWiFT CTD High-accuracy CTD with Bluetooth® wireless communications

High-accuracy CTD with Bluetooth® wireless communications

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The SWiFT CTD profiler provides direct survey-grade measurement of conductivity, temperature and depth, as well as computed salinity, density and sound velocity, and includes a GNSS receiver for accurate geo-location. Featuring a fast response temperature probe and housed in a robust titanium enclosure, it can be deployed at depths down to 500m.

The SWiFT CTD has been designed with ease of use foremost in mind, featuring Bluetooth® wireless communications for fully-automated data transfer as well as USB and serial, as well as a magnetic switch ring that is easy to operate even with cold hands. The unit provides an operational battery life of up to five days and can be charged via USB.


Dimensions (D x L) 78 x 350 mm
Weight 2.7 kg in air
1.65 kg in water
Depth Rating 500m
Conductivity Range 0-80 mS/cm
Resolution 0.001 mS/cm
Accuracy ±0.01 mS/cm
Temperature Range -5°C – +35°C
Resolution 0.001°C
Accuracy ±0.01°C
Response <100m/s
Pressure Range 50 bar
Resolution 0.001% FS
Accuracy ±0.01% FS
Computed Parameters Sound Velocity ~0.25 m/s
Salinity ±0.01 PSU
Density ±0.01 kg/m³