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Model 803 Real-time water velocity sensor for ROVs & AUVs
Model 803

Real-time water velocity sensor for ROVs & AUVs

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Model 803

The Model 803 is designed to provide real-time relative water velocity information for ROV and UUV pilots, combining a two-axis electromagnetic flow sensor with sophisticated processing electronics. It is provided as standard as a self-contained enclosed system, but can optionally be provided as separate sensor and electronics packages, as well as in an OEM configuration.

The versatile sensor can be fitted to vehicles to provide actual through-the-water speeds, or to the tether management system for measurement of local flow conditions. Data can be output in a variety of formats, and can be input into a separate logging package or displayed and logged to a PC using the software provided.


Dimensions (D x L) 76 x 350 mm
Weight 3.5 kg in water
Power 2W nominal
Depth Rating 4000m
Range ±10kts or ±5m/s
Accuracy ±0.02kts or 0.01m/s + 1% reading
Resolution 0.01kts or 0.001m/s