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Hybrid Quadrotor HQ-40 Lightweight, fully autonomous VTOL drone
Hybrid Quadrotor HQ-40

Lightweight, fully autonomous VTOL drone

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Hybrid Quadrotor HQ-40

Hybrid Quadrotor HQ-40 by Latitude Engineering is a lightweight, fully autonomous drone that offers an innovative and logistically simple solution to the problem of vertical takeoff and landing: it combines the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities of a quadrotor and the efficiency, speed, and range of a normal fixed-wing aircraft.

Hybrid Quadrotor HQ-40 technology

Offers significant advantages over existing “runway independent” unmanned air systems, including:

  • Reduced operational footprint – no runway requirement, no approach obstacle issues, no launch/recovery infrastructure required.
  • Portability – by eliminating launch and recovery equipment, there are significantly fewer items to transport and ship.
  • Lower initial system cost – no launch and recovery infrastructure or expensive aircraft sensors required for VTOL capability.
  • Reduced ongoing operational costs – fewer complex and cumbersome system elements to maintain, fewer people required to operate the system.

Hybrid Quadrotor HQ-40 is able to effectively transport a payload up to 5 pounds, with a five hour endurance time.