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AR180 Micro VTOL UAV with virtually silent electrical propulsion

Micro VTOL UAV with virtually silent electrical propulsion

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AR180 by AirRobot is a VTOL Micro Unmanned Aerial System with virtually silent electrical propulsion. AR180 AirRobot is a larger UAS and perfect for close range, stealth intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance at low altitude (<450 ft) out of line of sight during day and night operations. AR180 AirRobot can also be used as a tactical-unattended ground sensor.  It is the solution in the 5 kg class.

AR180 AirRobot Features:
  • Larger range >5 km and flight time >40min
  • New folding system = space-saving and comfortable transport with quick readiness for duty
  • Modular payload concept with camera- and sensor payloads up to 1.5 kg
  • Actively stabilized camera-gimbal available
AR180 AirRobot Flight History

AR180 AirRobot is based on the proven AR100 and shares the flight management system and the sensor package. As such, its flight behavior and reliability are comparable. In comparison to the AR100, the AR180 AirRobot has a larger airframe, which allows for use of larger engines and a higher capacity battery.  Thus, the maximum payload capacity is increased to 3.3 lbs, allowing the use of a greater variety of non-traditional sensors. The larger engines were developed in 2008 for the type AR150 under a Rapid Equipping Force Program. The command control and communication system is also identical to the AR100B. As such the flight management system, the engines and the communications part have been tested far in excess of the actual flight hours of the system.

AR180 AirRobot Maintenance:

AR180 AirRobot is maintenance free and does not require scheduled or regular maintenance.  Engines are brushless and gearless; there are no additional moving parts like servos or gears. Expected lifetime is 30,000 flight hours till possible engine bearing failure. Batteries maintain their charge and do not self-discharge. Self-discharge is <3% per year.  Average life cycle is 300 charges. Most wear and tear parts (protection ring, landing gear, rotors), which may break, are replaceable in the field without tools. Sensor Payloads are user replaceable within less than 30 seconds and can be swapped in the field in case of damage or malfunction.

AR180 AirRobot Training:

Operators can be trained within 1 day to achieve sufficient skills. Three days of training will train operators even without prior experience to proficiency.