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microLink – BVLOS UAV C2 Data Link UAV data link for BVLOS command & control
microLink – BVLOS UAV C2 Data Link

UAV data link for BVLOS command & control

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microLink – BVLOS UAV C2 Data Link

microLink is a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Command and Control (C2) drone data link radio specifically designed for long-range mission-critical applications and UAV operations.

The FCC (U.S.A.) and IC (Canada)-approved high-integrity avionics solution consists of two radios, each with their own external antenna for enhanced reliability, range, and signal blockage protection.

The GPS timing-synchronized datalink utilizes advanced frequency-hopping techniques to protect against external interference, using the full 902 – 928MHz spectrum range. Performance can be optimized even further by pairing microLink with our skyStation Ground Radio System (GRS), which multiplies your effective range to 12 miles line-of-sight and can be mounted on your GCS or on permanent infrastructure.

microLink uav data link config

The versatile solution features an open architecture with almost limitless integration options and allows you to interface with PixHawk or nearly any serial-connected drone autopilot.

microLink is supplied with a mission monitor application that provides continuous connection status, signal integrity, and health of both ARS and GRS radios, allowing pilots to make critical decisions before link loss occurs.


Radio Band 902-928MHz ISM
Radio Transmit Power 1W (4W EIRP)
Radio Bandwidth 200 kHz
Size 31 x 26 x 9 mm (ARS) 122 x 82 x 55 mm (GRS)
Weight 16g (ARS) 500g (GRS)
Input Power 1.7W Peak (ARS) 13W Peak (GRS)