Large Fixed Wing UAVs with Long Flight Endurance

UAVE Long Range Drones

UAVE Ltd is a UK-based developer of the large fixed wing Prion Mk3 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a long flight endurance UAV designed for scientific research, commercial, and law enforcement applications. We also provide commercial drone training courses – our drone pilot academy is recognized by the UK CAA.

Prion Endurance Fixed-Wing UAV

Prion MK 3 Fixed Wing UAV

Large UAV with Long Flight Endurance

UAVE Endurance Fixed Wing UAV

The Prion Mk3 is a large-format fixed wing UAV, designed to undertake missions of up to 1000km range without refuelling, making it a unique long flight endurance platform with the ability to field flexible payloads such as magnetometers, cameras, LiDAR, data recorders, GPS and real-time satellite communications.

Purchased by an international client base, the Prion Mk3 has been deployed globally in locations including Denmark, United Kingdom, Antarctica, Greenland and Asia. Uses to date include geophysical, LiDAR and photogrammetry surveying, in addition to surveillance in support of land/marine law enforcement and border patrol forces.  With a flight endurance capability typically only exceeded by military unmanned aircraft, the Prion Mk3 is an ideal platform where beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations is a pre-requisite.

Prion Long-Distance Fixed-Wing UAVThe aircraft is powered by a 120cc four-stroke petrol engine, with an ECU that precisely controls fuel and ignition for optimum performance under any conditions. Engine data is logged to an external removable recorder, with real-time feedback of systems vital statistics to ensure safe and successful operations.

The Prion MK 3 UAV can take off from a grass airstrip or can be launched with an inclined compressed air launcher if space is restricted. Landing gear options include tricycle wheels, or skids if a launcher is used. Both take-off and landing can be performed manually or autonomously via the autopilot.

Prion Endurance Fixed-Wing Drone

Prion Endurance Drone Ground Control Station

A Ground Control Station (GCS) communicates with the aircraft via a real-time satellite link, enabling real-time BVLOS mission command and control. The GCS allows control of the UAV via autopilot or full manual control, and displays real-time telemetry for aircraft, engine and data on separate screens.

Prion Mk3 Specifications:

Wingspan: 3.8m
Length:                            3.0m
Weight (configured for surveys): 28kg (mininum) 30 Kg (typical)
Fuel capacity:     7 litres
Fuel consumption (cruising): 0.5 litres/hr
Cruising speed (for surveying): 80kph
Operational range: 1000+km
Payload: optimal 10kg, maximum 15kg

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Commercial Drone Training Courses

Rotary and Fixed Wing PfCO UAV Pilot Training Courses

UAVE is a CAA-approved provider of drone pilot training courses for both fixed wing UAVs and multi-rotor drones. Obtain your PfCO (Pilot for Commercial Operations) licence for aircraft up to 20Kg.

Commercial Drone Training Courses

Our UAV training courses incorporate a combination of classroom-based learning, use of flight simulators, in-the-field practical sessions using our own training fleet of fixed wing aircraft, and on-the-job support for your commercial operations.

UAVE drone pilot training courses are held at a number of locations throughout the UK, including at our Head Office BVLOS development and test flight centre in Ceredigion, Wales and our marketing suite at Diamond Hangar Stansted.

Course modules include:

  • Air Law and Responsibilities
  • UAS Airspace Operating Principles
  • Airmanship and Aviation Safety
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation and Charts
  • Aircraft Knowledge
  • Operating Procedures
  • Preparation of your own Operations Manual.

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Aerial Surveying Services

Land Services

Prion Long-Range Fixed-Wing UAV

The Prion Mk 3 is a highly flexible platform and can fulfil a variety of roles over land, such as:

Border Surveillance and Security

The extended endurance of the Prion Mk 3 makes it ideal for long-range patrolling, providing a constant presence for both day and night-time security.

Wildlife Conservation

The Prion Mk 3 can quickly and efficiently gather data and provide tracking and surveillance of endangered wildlife populations. It can also play a key role in anti-poaching strategies.

LiDAR Surveying, Orthophoto Production and Topographic Mapping

A LiDAR or other mapping technology payload can easily be mounted to the Prion Mk 3, allowing long-range surveying and mapping missions that save on time and costs for industries such as oil & gas, infrastructure and forestry.

Meteorological/Scientific Surveys

The Prion Mk 3 is compatible with a wide range of sensors, data recorders and other scientific payloads, and can conduct flights in otherwise hard-to-reach areas and dangerous environments.

Agricultural Crop Management

Equip the aircraft with a multispectral payload for critical insights into crop health. The Prion Mk 3 can cover large areas of farmland offering significant savings in time, cost and manpower compared to other methods.

Humanitarian Aid

The Prion Mk3 UAV can rapidly deliver vital humanitarian aid, with the ability to drop supplies in areas affected by war or natural disasters.

Maritime Services

Prion Long-Range Fixed Wing Drone

The Prion Mk 3 UAV is ideally suited to a variety of maritime applications, including:

Law Enforcement

Our platform can provide real-time intelligence to enable fast decision-making for law enforcement professionals at sea, with applications including port security, anti-smuggling and anti-piracy.

Wind Farm Surveys

The Prion Mk 3 can provide photography, video and data surveys of offshore wind farms, saving time, costs and manpower compared to a traditional manned survey.

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