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MicroLink SDR Transceivers Software Defined Radio & Mission Payload Controller
MicroLink SDR Transceivers

Software Defined Radio & Mission Payload Controller

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MicroLink SDR Transceivers

Troll Systems' advanced MicroLink software-defined FDD radio transceivers provide mission payload control as well as enhanced processing and multi-streaming of video and sensor data. Operating in frequency bands from 1.2 GHz to 7 GHz, the transceivers automatically adapt COFDM modulation to maximize range or bit rate according to presets or dynamic mission requirements. Dual video streams can be broadcast with bandwidths from 2MHz to 16MHz and at data rates of up to 40Mbps.

Regulated power outputs for payload monitoring and control

MicroLink can be powered from any 11-32 VDC bus, and includes a 250W power management system with regulated 12VDC and 28VDC outputs that provide independent monitoring and control of transmission payloads. All equipment connected to the MicroLink system is protected by software-defined circuit-breakers.

Advanced management of video, audio and sensor data

The MicroLink transceiver can encode up to three independent HD video inputs to 4k HEVC 265 4:2:2, H264, MPEG-2 or MJPEG formats. The advanced built-in proprietary software controls and processes multiple transport streams, and enables one or more of these streams to be transmitted to the ground while simultaneously recording to an on-board DVR. This enables time delay video exploitation in the air as well as highly reliable bitrate to the ground.

Software-defined video processing

Troll’s state-of-the-art image processing software includes a wide variety of powerful features, including image stabilization, image tracking, ROI, synthetic overlay, image fusion and more.

Powerful supercomputing capabilities

MicroLink features a high-performance and low-power 64-bit NVIDIA supercomputer with energy-efficient Arm cores, delivering over one teraflop of processing power for accelerated video encoding, decoding, encryption and control. The system provides exceptional speed and performance on less than 15W of total system power.

Fully-managed Ethernet switching & routing

MicroLink also incorporates a fully-managed 100/1000 Ethernet switch and router, providing a network-managed hub that connects to onboard payloads and equipment for efficient monitoring, control, diagnostics, and test capabilities.


  • Embedded Nvidia supercomputer
  • Dual-stream, high-speed COFDM transceiver
  • Dual-carrier LTE
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • 100/1000 Ethernet switch and router
  • Video, audio and data management
  • Control multiple transport streams
  • HD-SDI video I/O to 4K
  • Software defined video processing
  • Object identification and tracking
  • On-board mapping system compatibility
  • Data Rate up to 40Mbps
  • Standard encryption AES 128 / 256 with Bcrypt
  • HD-SDI video I/O encoding H.265, H.264 and Mpeg2