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OEM RTK GNSS Receivers, INS UAV Boards, GNSS Rugged Enclosures

Trimble and Applanix
OEM RTK GNSS Receivers, INS UAV Boards, GNSS Rugged Enclosures
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Trimble OEM GNSS Receivers for UAVsTrimble solutions offer robust precision accuracy and fully streamlined integration for autonomous navigation.

A wide range of high-precision receivers and rugged enclosures are available to fit the needs of your application. Trimble’s centimeter-level, real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning is achieved through the combination of multi-frequency GNSS and full triple-frequency support of all available GNSS satellite constellations.

ApplanixA wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble, Applanix specializes in the Direct Georeferencing of imaging sensors with inertial-aided GNSS technology on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Our scalable, high-precision positioning and orientation solutions maximize the productivity of mapping with UAVs across numerous applications and environments (including GNSS-denied areas), while backing our products with first-rate service and support for our global customer base. Applanix also specializes in autonomous vehicle technology and our POS LV systems are in use with autonomous heavy industry vehicles such as mining. The Applanix Autonomy development kit includes hardware, software, and engineering and implementation services.

OEM RTK GNSS Receivers

Trimble GNSS receivers offer quick and reliable centimeter-level positioning to OEMs and system integrators, and are ideal for the demanding requirements of unmanned and autonomous applications.

Trimble UAS1 Dual-Frequency GNSS Receiver

Compact, lightweight GNSS receiver for UAV/UAS applications

Trimble UAS1 GNSS receiverThe Trimble UAS1 dual-frequency receiver provides robust centimeter-level, real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning for UAV/UAS applications.

With L1/L2 tracking for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, the UAS1 features a rugged construction with a full metal shield and a very small footprint for SWaP-conscious systems. The UAS1 supports Trimble CenterPoint® RTX GNSS corrections, enabling precise and robust positioning without the use of a base station and providing better than two-centimeter horizontal and five-centimeter vertical accuracy.

Trimble BD940 Triple Frequency GNSS Receiver

Centimeter-level position accuracy for unmanned applications

Trimble_BD940 Triple-Requency GNSS ReceiverThe Trimble BD940 delivers the quick and reliable RTK and RTX initializations for centimeter positioning in a small, compact design. For applications operating in GNSS-denied environments, the Trimble BD940-INS delivers robust high-accuracy position data without the need for a base station.

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Trimble BD99X GNSS Receiver Family

Advanced GNSS/INS receivers for unmanned applications

BD99X_GNSS Reciever FamilyThe Trimble BD99X receiver family redefines high-performance positioning in autonomous navigation. The Trimble BD990 single antenna receiver supports functionality with the same footprint and pin-out as the Trimble BD992. The Trimble BD992 supports dual antenna GNSS heading and the Trimble BD992-INS supports position and orientation at high update rates in GNSS-denied areas.

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Trimble MB-Two OEM GNSS Receiver

Lightweight, dual-frequency receiver for precise Heading + Pitch/Roll

Trimble MB-Two OEM GNSS ReceiverThe Trimble MB-Two is a powerful dual-frequency, lightweight GNSS receiver capable of providing centimeter-level accuracy position and heading. The system allows a wide range of option-upgradable GNSS configurations from single antenna/frequency (GPS) to dual antenna/frequency (GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo).

The next-generation hardware provides low power consumption in a compact form factor ideal for space-constrained unmanned vehicles and robotics.

Two MB-Two modules can be easily connected to each other to build a Precise Platform Positioning module (no firmware upgrade required), utilizing up to four dual-band GNSS antennas for multisensory raw data output, precise position and attitude simultaneously.

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OEM GNSS+Inertial Boards with DG Technology

Applanix Direct Georeferencing (DG) technology works with airborne UAV mapping sensors such as cameras, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), and hyperspectral sensors to perform highly efficient and automated mapping and surveying. DG reduces – even eliminates – the use of Ground Control Points (GCPs), significantly shortening the flight and processing time required to generate final map products. Our family of DG for UAV OEM boards compute positioning and orientation with superior accuracy and performance in a tiny form factor, suitable for even the smallest of UAVs.

Trimble APX-15 UAV

Single board GNSS-Inertial solution for Direct Georeferencing from sUAS

Applanix’ small, lightweight flagship Trimble APX-15 UAV GNSS-Inertial OEM solution provides superior DG accuracy and performance using cameras, LiDAR, and other sensors, and is suitable for most UAV applications.

The single OEM board contains a precision GNSS receiver and inertial sensor components, plus post-mission Differential GNSS-Inertial office software. This highly efficient solution eliminates the need to survey extensive Ground Control Points (GCPs) and reduces sidelap, thereby increasing the area flown per mission.

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Trimble APX-15 UAV Single Board GNSS-Inertial OEM Solution

Trimble APX-15 EI UAV

Support for an external IMU for gimballed platforms

A second IMU connects remotely to support gimballed UAV platforms or an additional sensor, thereby computing two sets of orientation data.

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Trimble APX-15 EI UAV Dual IMU GNSS-Inertial OEM Solution

Trimble APX-18 UAV

Dual GNSS antenna configuration for low speeds/hovering, LiDAR

The Trimble APX-18 UAV dual-GNSS antenna board from Applanix is ideal for capturing data at low speeds or when hovering, such as for infrastructure or façade scanning applications.

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Trimble APX-18 UAV Dual GNSS Antenna for Drones

Trimble APX-20 UAV

External IMU for highest accuracy and higher altitude mapping

The Trimble APX-20 board includes a second premium-grade IMU for high-accuracy, high-altitude mapping; ideal for high-res large format imaging sensors (specifically LiDAR), or Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAV flights.

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Trimble APX-20 UAV Dual IMU GNSS-Inertial OEM Solution

GNSS Reference Stations & Ground Control Point for UAVs

Trimble GNSS Smart Target Base Station

High-Performance GNSS Reference Station and Ground Control Point

The Trimble GNSS Smart Target Base Station from Applanix is a survey-grade multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS reference station contained within a durable foam Ground Control Target. Wirelessly gather the raw GNSS data required for post-processed Differential GNSS positioning, plus the Rover receiver data from a mapping UAV – then use the target as a photo-identifiable Ground Control Point (GCP) for quality control. Easy to install; controlled via desktop web browser or smartphone app. Supported by Applanix POSPac UAV and Trimble UASMaster software.

GNSS Smart Target Base Station for UAVs and Drones

OEM & Turnkey Enclosures

Trimble BX940 Rugged GNSS Enclosure

Triple frequency receiver with integrated INS

The Trimble BX940 packages a single BD940-INS receiver module inside a rugged IP67-sealed enclosure, rigorously tested to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions. The multi-constellation GNSS-Inertial package is designed for easy integration into unmanned vehicles, and is also ideal for use as a GNSS DGPS/RTK base station.

Trimble BX940 Rugged GNSS Enclosure

Trimble BX992 Rugged GNSS Enclosure

Dual-antenna receiver with integrated INS

The rugged Trimble BX992 enclosure, based on the BD992-INS dual antenna system, features powerful integrated GNSS and inertial navigation in an environmentally-sealed enclosure built to withstand harsh environments.

Supporting triple frequency operation for the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations, it provides rapid reliable RTK initializations for centimeter-level positioning applications, as well as high-accuracy GNSS/DGNSS positioning in challenging environments such as urban canyons.

Trimble BX992 Rugged GNSS Enclosure

Trimble ABX-Two GNSS Sensor Enclosure

Rugged & compact, offering centimeter 3D position, heading, pitch & roll

Powered by two MB-Two GNSS receiver boards, the rugged Trimble ABX-Two delivers drift-free absolute attitude determination and real-time positioning. It provides precise heading, pitch and roll along with 3D position up to centimeter-level accuracy, and is an ideal solution for a wide variety of aerial, marine and ground-based unmanned vehicles.

Trimble ABX-Two GNSS Sensor Enclosure

The GNSS engine utilizes over-the-air satellite corrections via embedded L-Band hardware to achieve centimeter/decimeter PPP accuracy levels with Trimble RTX corrections. Worldwide inland availability of RTX corrections allows the ABX-Two to deliver centimeter-level positioning without the need for a dedicated base station.

Applanix POS LVX and POS LV 125

Direct Georeferencing solutions for high-accuracy positioning and orientation data acquisition with land-based applications

The compact, fully integrated POS LVX from Applanix combines inertial technology with survey-grade GNSS to produce stable, reliable, and repeatable positioning and orientation for all land-based mobile mapping and guidance applications. It easily integrates with several sensors (optical, infrared, LiDAR, etc.), and has a lightweight form factor optimally designed for small vehicles, autonomous platforms, and tight spaces of all types.

POS-LVX_Direct Georeferencing solutions

POS LV 125 similarly provides precise positioning for autonomy and field robotics applications, in addition to entry-level mobile mapping.

The Applanix Autonomy Development Kit includes hardware such as the POS LV, software, and engineering and implementation services.

Post-Processing Software

POSPac MMS (Mobile Mapping Suite), POSPac UAV and POSPac UAV Cloud

Direct Georeferencing Post-Processing Software for Mobile Mapping Sensors using GNSS and Inertial Technology

Mobile mapping softwareApplanix’ industry-leading post-processing software for Direct Georeferencing of mobile mapping sensors using GNSS and inertial technology. Achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency – supported by a wide range of mapping sensors – across air, land, and marine environments.

Convert any UAV into a low-cost, highly efficient, professional-grade mapping solution with POSPac UAV. Airborne mapping professionals can reduce deployment, production, and re-work costs by leveraging existing reference station networks with POSPac’s exacting integration algorithms and rigorous quality checks to: extend flight distance, increase lines flown per mission, and improve quality control.

The online version, POSPac UAV Cloud, provides OEMs with an Application Program Interface (API) to seamlessly integrate high-accuracy DG into their mobile mapping workflow.

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GNSS Antennas

Trimble also offer a range of high-performance multi-band GNSS antennas, designed to support high accuracy air, land and marine applications.

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