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UAS TrackPro UAS Lifecycle Tracking and Reporting (LTAR) Software
UAS TrackPro

UAS Lifecycle Tracking and Reporting (LTAR) Software

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UAS TrackPro

UAS TrackPro is a cutting-edge UAS lifecycle tracking and reporting software designed to manage drone programs across a wide range of applications, from small consumer drones like DJI models to the most advanced Group 3 systems.

Our solution is tailored to cater to various industries, offering streamlined functionality, effortless integration, and minimal training time, all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The integrated artificial intelligence (AI) enhances the system, making UAS TrackPro a truly next-generation software that sets new standards in drone program management.

UAS TrackPro Key Features:

  • Custom reporting available through the integrated artificial intelligence chat system. The chat system has the ability to create any report base on user inputs and access to available data. The report is then downloadable via Excel.
  • Cross-platform compatibility, supporting Windows Operating System, iPhone, Android mobile platforms, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Universal adaptability with any UAS system.
  • Allows for custom preflight, maintenance and inspections checklists specific to each UAS platform type loaded.
  • Built-in customizable risk assessments with auto calculations and remote approval process including locking risk assessment ensuring no changes can be made once a risk assessment has been approved.
  • Allows for custom maintenance interval checklists (UAS platform specific)
  • Allow for the collection of Aircraft Serial Numbers and Tail Number / FAA registration numbers
  • Allows for the download of aircraft, logbooks, components, pilots, mechanics and other data to an excel spreadsheet for more detailed reporting or work.
  • Software automatically tracks flight hours for pilots, aircraft, payloads and components based on real time flights
  • Software is able to report flight hours per day, week, month, or total for pilots, individual aircraft, aircraft type or entire fleet
  • Administrators can load an unlimited number of payloads which can be attached to any aircraft for each individual flight. Software will update hours and sorties for each payload at the conclusion of the flight.
  • Batteries can be added to components and tracked via sorties
  • Ability to create categories and upload PDF documentation and manuals allowing ease of access for every user, regardless of location. This is also extremely useful for revision control and to ensure all users are utilizing the most up to date documentation.
  • Each aircraft can be assigned an unlimited number of components including, but not limited to Aircraft Airframe, propellers, motors, landing gear components, flight control systems, ground control stations, GPS, control boards, etc. The software will update each component with sorties and flight hours at the conclusion of any flight of the assigned aircraft.
  • Expiring components are displayed on the Aircraft Status page. Once a component expires the aircraft will be auto grounded until the expired component is removed or replaced.
  • Each aircraft has a logbook allowing qualified personnel to create discrepancies. When discrepancies are created, the date and authenticated user is automatically entered and can’t be changed to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Once discrepancies are created in the logbook, they cannot be deleted, only cleared with a resolution. The software automatically generates the date and authenticated user who cleared each discrepancy. Cleared items cannot be deleted. This is a permanent archive for each aircraft.
  • Automatic generation of airspace type and other aviation advisories based on user location. These advisories include, but are not limited to stadiums, hospitals with heliports, temporary flight restrictions, and more. This section also allows for planning by exploring other locations by latitude and longitude or by searching city & state. Weather data is available based on map location as well.
  • Preventative Maintenance, Component Maintenance, Scheduled Inspections, and other maintenance such as firmware updates and aircraft modifications can be handled via custom checklists which includes each step conducted, the authenticated user who completed each step, notes from the user completing the action and the time/date stamp documenting exactly when each step was completed.
  • The software allows for the collection and tracking of all pilots and mechanics. This includes certifications, special skills, operational levels, currencies, etc.
  • The software has a reserved data board on the home page which allows for viewing critical metrics, including total flight hours, average risk per flight, etc. These sections can be customized to display any data fields requested by the customer.
  • Aircraft status reports detail maintenance status and allow users to download reports.
  • The software in general allows for exporting reports and critical data for customized reporting.
  • All data created, produced, and stored on an AES 256 encrypted database.

Please be aware that UAS TrackPro is constantly evolving and improving in response to user feedback and regulatory requirements set by the FAA. As such, the features outlined below represent a snapshot of UAS TrackPro’s capabilities at this point in time, and are subject to change as we continue to innovate and refine our solution.