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Cutting-Edge Custom UAV Solutions for Specialist Commercial & Military Applications

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The Bionic Eye
Cutting-Edge Custom UAV Solutions for Specialist Commercial & Military Applications
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The Bionic Eye is a leading UK-based provider of custom UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) solutions for a wide variety of specialist professional applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art airframes, components and sensor technology, we collaborate with our clients to create unique tailored designs that solve the problems that standard COTS drones cannot.

custom UAV solutionsWe are passionate about innovation, and have over a decade of experience in building cutting-edge systems to support clients in a range of different industries, delivering results even under the most challenging of conditions.

Custom Drone Solutions

We build custom solutions to solve challenges for clients in commercial and military sectors alike, with over 150 successful creations delivered to date. Specializing in inspection, survey and heavy-lift cargo delivery, we can integrate advanced sensors and payloads into long-endurance drone platforms that excel in extreme environments.

Custom Drone Solutions

Our team of experts can work with you to create a unique platform that is designed from the ground up to meet your specific requirements. Every aspect of the UAV can be customized to achieve your goals, including:

  • Range and flight endurance
  • Logistical footprint, deployment and mission planning
  • Payload capacity and power
  • Communications and datalinks
  • Sensor accuracy and deliverables
  • Redundancy, parachutes, and other critical safety systems

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Consultancy and R&D

Drone ConsultancyThe Bionic Eye can provide expert advice on the best solution for your data capture or drone delivery requirements, whether you need a single component or sensor, or a complete end-to-end package.

We have cultivated close relationships with leading suppliers to ensure that we can provide you with the very best the industry has to offer.

We also expend significant time and resources on R&D, and are continually evaluating new drone technologies to ensure that we stay at the forefront of the industry.

We have in-depth knowledge of the constantly-evolving CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations as well as those specific to a range of different industries, and can help you ensure that your drone operations are safe, legal and certified as necessary.

More information: Drone Consultancy and R&D


Drone Development & PrototypingOur engineering team can help you bring your innovative ideas to life, and can conduct feasibility studies and create proof-of-concept systems to get you airborne quickly.

We can also undertake thorough ground-based and flight testing to optimize designs and ensure that they hold up under real-world conditions.

More information: Drone Prototyping


Industrial & Infrastructure Inspection
We have developed advanced UAV systems for precision inspection and surveying of infrastructure and industrial assets such as railways, power lines, oil and gas facilities, solar farms and much more. Our drone platforms allow you to reduce costs, save time and get more done in a single flight, while doing away with the need to send survey teams into hazardous or hard-to-access areas.

infrastructure inspection and surveying

construction and mining

Construction & Mining
Drones are an indispensable asset for the construction and mining industries, allowing you to easily capture aerial data for planning, progress review, geological analysis, 3D modelling, stockpile volume calculations and more. We have significant experience in providing rugged drone platforms integrated with advanced payloads including photogrammetric cameras and survey-grade LiDAR scanners.

Commercial Delivery
We can help you get a foothold in the emerging drone delivery industry with purpose-built aerial cargo platforms that can carry up to 250 kg. We are experienced with CAA regulations and can advise you on your journey to operating safe and legal BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) delivery platforms.

drone cinematography

Film & Broadcasting
The Bionic Eye boasts an extensive background in visual effects supervision for major feature film production, and we understand what it takes to create state-of-the-art cinematography drones that can capture the perfect shot under any conditions.

Military & Defense
In addition to civilian applications, our bespoke drone services are also ideal for military units and defense primes looking to explore the use of UAVs for carrying ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) payloads, battlefield logistics, and other mission-critical use cases.

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