Solar Cells and Solar Panels for Drones, UAVs

SolAero Technologies
SolAero Technologies

SolAero Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels and composite structural products for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and aerospace applications.

Solar Cells for UAVs and DronesOur solar power solutions and precision aerospace structures support a wide array of unmanned vehicle applications, including exploration, science and earth observation, defense intelligence and communication, and commercial telecommunications.

As the worldwide leader in multi-junction solar cell production, our world-class manufacturing facility is capable of producing more than 600kWe per year. We can manufacture panels from a variety of cell types and geometries and have broad experience of designing to state-of-the-art mission requirements for customers such as NASA, Google and Boeing.

We maintain a variety of high-tech in-house environmental test facilities, including a TVAC chamber and numerous ambient thermal cycling chambers. Our team of experts provides fast development times and consistently exceeds design and performance expectations.

Solar Cells and Solar Panels for UAVs

Proven, High Efficiency Solar Power Solutions

SolAero offers the highest specific power solution on the market for UAV applications, enabling significant increased endurance and payload capabilities for unmanned aircraft system integrators.

Bye Aerospace’s Strato-Air-NetOur UAV-TJ solar cell, with an average efficiency of 32%, delivers the highest volume production power density on the market. The lightweight solar cell technology can be produced in laminated sheets to specific voltages, and seamlessly integrated into the wings of UAVs. For composite UAV wings and structures, the photovoltaic (PV) sheets can be co-cured into the assembly.

With superior efficiency at high-altitude temperatures, the UAV-TJ solar sheets can be customized to even the most extreme unmanned aircraft applications.

Custom solar wings have been developed for cutting edge unmanned aerial systems such as Bye Aerospace’s Strato-Air-Net, the Silent Falcon, AeroVironment’s Puma, and the U.S. Naval Research Lab’s Solar-Soaring UAV demonstrator.

Flexible Solar-Panels for UAVs and drones

Solar Power for UAVs

UAV-TJ Solar Cells have improved efficiency at high altitude temperatures:

UAV-TJ Solar Cell Efficiency

UAV-TJ Cell Specifications & Performance:

AM1.5G Efficiency (28°C) 32.5% (tuned for AM15G)
AM0 Efficiency (28°C, 1367 W/m2) 29.0%
AM0 Power (28°C) 394 W/m2
AM0 Specific Power (28°C) 1470 W/kg
Cell Thickness 50 µm
Metal Thickness 1 + 5 µm Ag
Cell Mass 280 g/m2

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