Long-Endurance Fixed Wing UAS for All Applications

SKYETON, Aircraft Industrial Company

ACS series Fixed Wing UAS Commercial DroneSince our foundation in 2006 we have been supplying light sports aircraft (K-10) globally. In 2014 we began supplying the RaybirdTM family of fixed-wing UAVs to local and international defense forces, and are now actively expanding our civil offerings.

Our UAS are offered as turnkey, including Raybird-2E (electric, 2m-wingspan) or Raybird-3 (carbon-fueled, 3m-wingspan) UAVs with integrated payload, portable/mobile ground-controls, proprietary communication systems and software.

Key features:

  • 2,500 km of uninterrupted flight: stems from high aerodynamic efficiency and fuel economy
  • Single-person operation: requires one operator trained within 2 weeks
  • Collision avoidance: employs a 360-degree multi-sensor system
  • Extended payload capacity: allows for several cameras and sensors on board up to 7 kg and 30x20x30 cm
  • Single-person setup: system incl. airframe is assembled tool-less
  • Practical launch and recovery: catapult, parachute, airbag and precise point landing system
  • 250 km of direct control: jamming-resistant channel to support operation
  • 120 km of full-HD downlink: streams encrypted video.

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