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SmartAP AIRLink Artificial Intelligence and Remote Link
SmartAP AIRLink

Artificial Intelligence and Remote Link

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SmartAP AIRLink

AIRLink by Sky-Drones is the most advanced AI drone flight controller available on the market to date. The unit includes a cutting-edge drone autopilot, AI mission computer and LTE connectivity unit. Specialising in enterprise drone operations, AIRLink will see your UAV venture enter the market in weeks as opposed to months, sometimes even years, because Sky-Drones have created the all-in-one flight solution.

FPV HD Video Included

AIRLink comes fully equipped with a 1080p HDR camera providing an exceptional image quality. The FPV camera connector is exposed on the front side of the AIRLink unit, making the integration and camera mounting quick and simple in even the most space-constricting of UAV designs. This native CSI interface provides the minimum latency physically possible.


AIRLink is continually connected to the internet in more ways than one! Connectivity to the internet initiates from the very first AIRLink power up, with 16 PWM output channels, 2 LTE antenna sockets, SBUS input option, and WiFi antenna sockets. Embedded in AIRLink is the option to connect an ethernet port with power output. Ports include telemetry, secondary GPS, spare I2C/UART and more.

AIRLink Editions: Core

With AIRLink, Sky-Drones have developed not only a 3-in-1 product, but 3 products in 1. This means that we can offer the module to a large variety of consumers and in a number of different ways to suit the needs of everyone.

Sky-Drones will provide the internal workings of the units without the external aluminium casing so as to integrate this directly into the manufacturing of your fleet. We will guide you through making sure the technical requirements are met on your UAV to comply with the needs of the AIRLink units. This unit design is specifically aimed at drone manufacturers producing medium-high volumes with deep integration of AIRLink into the UAVs. Sky-Drones offers its engineering and design team to fully support designers and manufacturers along the way.

AIRLink Editions: Enterprise

These AIRLink units come as we designed and manufactured them, and are ready to attach to your UAV immediately. Sky-Drones can provide a discounted rate per unit when buying for multiple drones in your UAV fleet, and will continually be on hand to ensure the integration is smooth and simple.
Sky-Drones recommends this unit design for low-medium volume production. All AIRLink units are manufactured in the UK and are shipped within 48 hours after receiving the order.

AIRLink Editions: Reference Design

Sky-Drones offers licensing for larger UAV manufacturers to build the units in-house, saving time and costs all round. This is recommended for drone manufacturers producing high volumes. The integration is the tightest of all 3 editions with schematics and CAD drawings offered as a standard. The Sky-Drones team including founder and CEO are on hand to work with you in your country of production to set up the manufacturing process. Allowing you to control your own volume of AIRLink units gives you complete freedom over your UAV enterprise.