UAV Training & Simulation Solutions

Simlat Ltd

Simlat provides high-end, state-of-the-art UAV training systems and simulators. Our turnkey training solutions can incorporate any payload, platform or mission, with configurations supporting Commercial, Civil or Military applications.

Stand Alone Training System (STAR)
High-end synthetic environment simulation, providing UAS operator training from novice to expert.

Integrated/Embedded Mission Training System (INTER)
Highly realistic simulated environment – an instructor station connects to the trainees real UAS control station.

Full Crew Training Systems (C-STAR)
Complete simultaneous training solution, allowing trainees to experience and work with their own unique team dynamics.

ISR Multi Purpose Advanced Class Training (IMPACT)
A unique training center which allows one instructor to monitor and train multiple trainees within mutual simulated environments.

Screening by Performance Oriented Testing (SPOT)
The system provides the UAS crew trainee with a series of tasks and evaluates their performance against pre-determined criteria.

Performance Analysis (PANEL)
The system collects and processes data to automatically evaluate trainee performance.

Human Factors Research
A custom experimental-focused system to investigate metrics including operator performance and eye movement.

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