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Maritime Command & Control Systems, Automatic Target Recognition & Autonomy Software
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Maritime Autonomy Command and control softwareSeeByte is a leading developer of advanced autonomy software solutions for marine and maritime uncrewed systems such as AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and USVs (Autonomous Surface Vehicles).

Our state-of-the-art technology enables multi domain command and control, collaborative autonomy and intelligent perception for a wide variety of robotic vehicle missions.

SeeTrack v4 – Command and Control System

Multi-domain C2 software for naval uncrewed systems

Multi domain command and control software

SeeTrack is a multi-domain command and control system that supports a wide range of leading AUVs and ROVs as well as payloads such as cameras and side-scan sonars.

The system allows you to easily and effectively manage fleets of vehicles through a single integrated user interface, providing a composite picture of events for superior situational awareness. The hardware-independent, open-architecture solution allows new sensors and vehicles to be seamlessly integrated at any time.

mission management software

SeeTrack features highly detailed mission planning and easy management of all historical mission data, with powerful change detection and report generation. Designed to handle large volumes of high-resolution data from multiple sensors, the software allows you to combine data from multiple missions to form an integrated picture, making it ideal for effective management of MCM operations such as port and harbour security missions.

SeeTrack is currently in service with over 20 navies around the world, providing vital asset management for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Mine Counter-Measures (MCM) missions, and supports multi-nation joint missions with uncrewed maritime systems.

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Neptune – Maritime Autonomy Software

Collaborative autonomy for goal-based mission planning

Neptune is an autonomy system for fleets of uncrewed maritime vehicles that uses adaptive goal-based planning and automatic matching of areas and objectives to available assets in order to provide optimal mission execution.

neptune mission planning software

Compatible with a wide range of AUVs and ROVs, Neptune assigns goal-based mission plans built on common behaviours such as surveying an area, investigating a target, or loitering, which are then executed using advanced embedded autonomy behaviours. This goal-based planning with flexible asset and task reassignment has been proven to allow faster mission planning with fewer errors.

Neptune Mission softwareThe system’s unique decentralised autonomy architecture allows multiple tasks to be run in parallel, with automatic malfunction management and task handover in response to failure or changes in the environment.

Information is shared across the entire fleet where possible and vehicles can continue to operate even in comms-denied environments.

Neptune has been selected by the US, UK, Canadian, and Dutch Navies for use in Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Mine Countermeasure missions.

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Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) System

Detection and classification of mine-like objects from sonar data

Automatic Target Recognition System - Mission analysisAutomatic Target Recognition (ATR) provides a sophisticated PMA (Post-Mission Analysis) workflow for analysing side scan sonar data from uncrewed maritime systems. It uses rapid and reliable machine learning techniques to detect and classify mine-like objects, reducing operator fatigue and improving mission tempo.

The system provides operators with a measure of how ‘mine-like’ each potential target is, helping to distinguish between threats and false alarms. It features an intuitive workflow for common tasks such as fusing duplicate contacts.

ATR provides a variety of powerful features, including:

  • Contact Fusion Module – merge detections generated by the ATR algorithms, removing the need to manually review detections to combine or remove duplicates
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – provides easy integration of third-party ATR or fusion algorithms

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Multi-Domain C2

Single command and control (C2) systems are critical for effective management of cross-domain teams of uncrewed systems operating in the air, on the ground, and at sea.

multi domain c2 software

Our C2 solutions are based on open, service-oriented architectures and providing a flexible toolkit of core components, including GIS, data core, and messaging middleware, for the rapid development of new solutions for a variety of platforms.

Collaborative Autonomy

Networked fleets of uncrewed maritime systems can provide effective force multiplier capabilities over wide areas of sea. As such fleets expand and their missions increase in complexity, the level of autonomy required for effective management and rapid response also increases.Collaborative Maritime Autonomy Software

Our mission-level autonomy software solutions are ideal for environments with limited or intermittent communication bandwidth and position information, providing dynamic adaptation, collaborative operation and decentralised control.

Intelligent Perception

Uncrewed maritime systems can be fitted with a wide variety of sensors, including visual, acoustic, laser and magnetic, which produce large amounts of data that needs to be converted into actionable intelligence.intelligent perception autonomous vehicle softwareOur open-architecture solutions include a range of state-of-the-art perception modules that include advanced deep learning algorithms for data processing and management applications such as automatic target recognition, environmental characterisation, performance estimation and training.

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