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eI/O 160E Digital I/O Module Ethernet to 32 Channel TTL Digital I/O Adapter Module
eI/O 160E Digital I/O Module

Ethernet to 32 Channel TTL Digital I/O Adapter Module

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eI/O 160E Digital I/O Module

Control and monitor up to 32 channels of buffered drive digital I/O via any 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection with the eI/O-160E ethernet digital I/O module.

The ethernet digital I/O module addresses the 32 channels of I/O as four eight-bit ports, each programmable as input or output. Use a standard 50-pin IDC ribbon cable to connect an industry-standard relay rack for PC based control and automation of equipment including sensors, switches, security control systems, and other industrial automation systems. The eI/O-160E 50-pin (TTL) digital interface is pin-compatible with the Sealevel SeaDAC Lite 8126 and accepts the same accessories.

The eI/O-160E digital I/O module receives power via a removable spring-clamp terminal block. The lever-style clamping mechanism requires no tools, which simplifies field installation. The ethernet remote IO module is powered by your 9-30VDC source, or select from a variety of Sealevel power supply options.

Ready for DIN rail mounting, the eI/O-160E includes a removable plastic clip that snaps onto 35mm DIN rail. The clip can also be attached to any flat surface such as a wall or under a counter. Standard operating temperature range of eI/O Ethernet digital I/O modules is 0C to +70C. Status LEDS on the front show power and I/O activity. Additionally, LEDs on the RJ45 connector display Ethernet link and communication activity.

Communicate with eI/O Ethernet digital I/O modules using industry-standard Modbus TCP protocol or use the Sealevel SeaMAX API software libraries from your application program. Sealevel’s SeaMAX software drivers and utilities make installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The Sealevel Modbus Connect app for iOS allows you to access the registers, coils and discrete I/O of your Sealevel Modbus devices and is available on the App Store. Use the app to remotely access I/O in the field or for testing and troubleshooting during application development. The Sealevel Mod+ Connect app is an easy-to-use diagnostic utility that allows you to monitor, test and troubleshoot Sealevel eI/O and SeaI/O modules using your iPhone or iPod touch.

I/O in Action for Autonomous Aircraft

Sealevel collaborates with a company specializing in autonomous infrastructure. As an initial endeavor, they are deploying hardware and software that retrofits existing aircraft, enabling them to fly autonomously. As part of the autonomous aircraft systems, the company uses the 160E to control and monitor up to 32 channels of I/O, via a 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection.