Marine Robotics - Small Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USV) for Surveys, Bathymetry and Water Surface Cleaning

Marine Robotics - Small Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USV) for Surveys, Bathymetry and Water Surface Cleaning
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SEABOTS is a leading developer of marine robotics and USV (uncrewed surface vessel) platforms with a focus on automated marine data collection. With cutting-edge technology and adaptable robotics, we empower real-time monitoring, inspections, and environmental insights, driving sustainable solutions for our oceans while reducing operational costs and increasing operator safety.

Marine Robotics

SB100 Pro – Multipurpose Small USV

Versatile autonomous surface vessel for marine data collection

Uncrewed surface vessel

The SB100 Pro is a multipurpose small USV platform designed to carry out a variety of marine data collection tasks, including hydrography, bathymetry, water quality inspection, and more. The compact vessel is easy to deploy and recover, and can be transported in a car or small van.

small usv boatRequiring just a single operator, the platform can carry out missions autonomously or via remote control, and is ideal for accessing confined or high-risk areas. The SB100 Pro can be equipped with a wide range of payloads, including single- and multi-beam echosounders, side-scan sonars, LIDAR scanners and ADCPs.Autonomous Surface Vessel

The SB100 Pro survey USV includes a rugged ground station for payload operation based around a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, as well as a lightweight handheld controller for vessel piloting.

More information: SB100 Pro – Small USV

SB100 Cleaner – Marine Robot

Water surface cleaning robot vessel for harbours and lakes

marine robot for water surface cleaning

The SB100 Cleaner is a highly effective remotely piloted or autonomous boat for water surface cleaning in lakes, harbours, marinas, reservoirs and industrial facilities. Equipped with a high-capacity cleaning system, the uncrewed surface vessel is capable of removing floating solid waste as well as hydrocarbon spills.

water surface cleaning robotThis lightweight, small USV requires just a single operator and can be easily transported in a car or compact van. The system includes a handheld touchscreen controller for piloting the vessel as well as receiving a low-latency HD video stream from the onboard FPV camera.

More information: SB100 Cleaner – Marine Robot


usv survey and mapping

Mapping, Surveying & Bathymetry
Our survey and mapping USVs enable cost-effective and environmentally-friendly marine and ocean data harvesting, allowing companies to undertake precision hydrography, monitor critical water parameters, and quantify blue carbon levels.

USV Drone for Underwater Inspection

Underwater Inspection
We provide a state-of-the-art underwater inspection service designed to provide high-accuracy 3D information that allows you to optimize your maintenance costs and reduce risk. In addition to creating digital twins and assessing damage, the data gathered can also be used to recognize various form of marine life and manage biodiversity.

Marine Environment Restoration

Marine Environment Restoration
SEABOTS aquatic robots have been deployed around the world to undertake a wide variety of marine and ocean restoration missions, carrying out tasks such as waste removal, microplastics filtering, and biodiversity analysis.

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