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Graphics Cards Stereo-capable graphics cards with Quad-Buffer support
Graphics Cards

Stereo-capable graphics cards with Quad-Buffer support

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Graphics Cards

We provide a range of professional graphics cards that implement Quad-Buffer OpenGL / DirectX / Vulkan support for stereo-capable software and are compatible with our 3D PluraView monitors. The cards feature multiple outputs and many can be stacked, allowing you to take advantage of parallel GPU processing of image, video and geospatial data.

These cards, which include NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePro and AMD Radeon Pro products, enable a range of features that enhance user-friendliness, flexibility and productivity, including:

  • Arranging monoscopic application menus, documents or open web browser tabs along with stereoscopic content on the monitor at the same time
  • Displaying multiple stereo windows at different sizes
  • Allowing multiple stereoscopic applications to be active at the same time

Graphics cards families that support our PluraView monitors and have been fully tested for compatibility with our workstations include:

  • AMD Radeon Pro series
  • AMD FirePro W-series
  • NVIDIA RTX & Quadro RTX series
  • NVIDIA Quadro-M series
  • NVIDIA Quadro-P series
  • NVIDIA Quadro-K series

For a full list of supported models, please see document below