Drone Fleet Management Software: design, maintenance and mission planning for UAS

Drone Fleet Management Software: design, maintenance and mission planning for UAS
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Ramco is a leading developer of end-to-end ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for UAS (unmanned aerial systems), drones and eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft.

Our drone fleet management software goes beyond traditional aviation solutions, connecting together every part of the lifecycle from design and manufacturing through to maintenance, finance and mission planning.

All-in-one UAS Fleet Management

Our end-to-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) powered ERP software is ideal for both military and civilian drone enterprises and operators, providing essential tools to manage all aspects of the UAS lifecycle, including manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance, flight operations, customer support, finance, and reporting.

Ramco Drone Software

End to end software for dronesProviding an all in one solution, our connected software system provides more accurate data, significantly reduces operational costs, speeds up decision-making and allows faster response times. Real-time dashboards provide up-to-the-minute information on the readiness of your drone fleet, enabling rapid and worry-free deployment.

Ramco’s advanced drone fleet management software includes a variety of powerful features:

Configuration Design

Configuration & Design
The Configuration Management feature allows operators to maintain different asset configurations, including multi-level sub-assemblies, for a variety of different drone missions. The software allows you to easily track As Build Configuration, Allowable Configuration and Actual Configuration, and to quickly switch your drone fleet between different configurations as the mission demands.

Electronic Flight Bag Software

Flight Operations & Electronic Flight Bag
The enterprise-class Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) capability allows UAS pilots to undertake flight operations and track required tasks and activities. The software can be integrated directly with the UAS platform, providing high-accuracy performance data that can be used to inform maintenance and planning.

real time tracking & fleet management

Fleet Management
The Ramco drone fleet management solution provides easy tracking of customer and contract details, as well as flight logging and incident reporting. Real-time dashboards deliver instant access to all critical fleet information, providing you with an essential overview of readiness and capabilities.


Our manufacturing module allows UAS OEMs to drive down costs by automating production and enhancing the efficiency of planning, scheduling, execution and product data management. Manufacturers can easily track the entire product lifecycle, ensuring high standards of quality and compliance.

project accounting

Project Accounting & Reporting
The integrated accounting module with contract frameworks provides full visibility into the entire project lifecycle, allowing users to automate invoicing, improve cashflow, track earned value, and increase profitability.

Inventory Control Software

Inventory Control
Unlike traditional asset management, Ramco software addresses UAS-specific inventory control, with a strong focus on line-replaceable units (LRU) and maintaining optimal stock. The advanced inventory optimization and planning tools allow manufacturers and operators to significantly lower costs.


Our unique maintenance management tools for UAS allow enterprises to track tools and support equipment, plan and schedule maintenance programs, and log and respond to defects.

Inventory Control Software

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