Custom Lithium-ion Smart Batteries for UAS, Power Management Systems, Fleet Management Software, Solar MPPT Integration
Badland Battery NDAA-compliant 12S lithium-ion battery for UAS
Badland Battery

NDAA-compliant 12S lithium-ion battery for UAS

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Badland Battery

The Badland 12S is a 16.8 Ah lithium-ion battery designed specifically for the UAS industry. The battery is NDAA-compliant, with all design, testing, and assembly carried out in the United States.

The battery features a sophisticated BMS that continuously monitors cell voltages, current, and temperature, and communicates with the UAS flight controller via CAN to provide real-time telemetry data.

The rugged Badland 12S is enclosed within a robust housing that complies with UN 38.3 shock and vibration testing. The battery also utilizes automatic self-discharge in order to extend shelf life during storage.


Dimensions (L x W x H) 228 x 167 x 95 mm
Weight 4.3 kg
Wh Capacity 725 Wh
Ah Capacity 16.8 Ah typical
16 Ah min
Max Current 48A continuous
180A peak (60s)
Discharge 3C continuous
10C peak
Voltage 43.2V