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Inertial Navigation Systems / MEMS GNSS-INS Solutions for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

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Inertial Navigation Systems / MEMS GNSS-INS Solutions for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles
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Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) design and manufacture compact, reliable and easy-to-use  Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) that combine state-of-the-art MEMS sensors with high precision GNSS receivers to deliver accurate and consistent results.

Our GNSS INS solutions are used in a variety of applications, including sensor position and orientation in autonomous vehicles, and for direct geo-referencing data from drones and UAVs.


Miniature GNSS-aided INS for UAVs and drones

xNAV650 Miniature GNSS-aided INS for UAVs and drones

The xNAV650 is our smallest and lightest GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation System, combining the latest MEMS inertial sensor technology with survey-grade GNSS receivers for superior precision and reliability.

With dual-antenna quad-constellation tracking (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo), the small form factor xNAV650 is ideal for SWaP-limited high-accuracy applications such as UAV mapping and surveying. The tightly-coupled system delivers accuracy down to 2cm even in urban canyons and other challenging GNSS environments.

The xNAV650 INS can utilise optional Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time stamping functionality, allowing synchronization with LiDAR sensors and other UAV payloads. PTP allows for simplified setup over Ethernet, providing surveyors with the ability to get up and running quickly.xNAV650 GNSS-INS

  • Measures 77 x 63 x 24 mm with a weight of 130g
  • 0.1° heading accuracy
  • 0.05° pitch/roll
  • 0.02m RTK/PPK

With competitively priced hardware and software bundles, the xNAV650 provides surveyors with precise, reliable navigation data – even when budget is limited.

Learn more: xNAV650 GNSS-INS

Survey+ v3 MEMS GNSS-INS

Inertial Navigation System for position and orientation

OxTS Survey+ Inertial Navigation SystemOur Survey+ family of systems seamlessly combines inertial measurements with GNSS data to provide a highly accurate real-time 3D navigation solution.

  • 0.05° heading accuracy
  • 0.03° pitch/roll
  • 0.01m RTK/PPK

GNSS receivers, an IMU, a powerful processor and onboard storage are all combined into one compact unit that can be used standalone or combined with external sensors such as LIDAR scanners and hyperspectral cameras.

Different variations of the Survey+ are available to suit almost any application – the system can be configured with single or dual antennas, GPS or GPS+GLONASS, 100 Hz or 250 Hz output rate, and L1 or L1+L2 tracking.

Learn more: Survey+ Inertial Navigation Systems

OxTS Georeferencer

Software tool for creating georeferenced 3D pointclouds

OxTS GeoreferencerOxTS Georeferencer Software is a powerful software tool that allows users to easily combine navigation data from any OxTS Survey INS with raw LiDAR data from a range of leading laser scanners to create a georeferenced 3D pointcloud.

Software for creating georeferenced 3D pointclouds

The software includes a convenient time overlap chart that provides surveyors with the ability to both visualise their route on a map and choose the start and end time of their survey. This flexible feature allows users to choose which parts of the survey to view or present.

OxTS Georeferencer also features a 3D hardware setup viewer that allows users to input the correct relative rotation angles of their sensors, as well as a data-driven boresight calibration feature that provides confidence that hardware has been installed precisely and accurately.

Learn the basics of using OxTS Georeferencer with this short tutorial video:

Learn more: OxTS Georeferencer

‘Centre of Excellence’ Training Webinars

OxTS webinars

Our training webinars, hosted by our expert team, are designed to educate and support our customers. The webinars cover a range of topics at both introductory and expert levels, to provide attendees with a background to our technology, how it works and what it can be used for.

Visit the OxTS Centre of Excellence
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Insight Papers and Case-Studies

Download our LiDAR Surveying Brochure
Learn more about highly accurate and repeatable navigation data for pointcloud analysis.

Download our Boresight Calibration Brochure
Learn more about data-driven calibration techniques for ultimate pointcloud precision and repeatability.

Download our Dronezone Case Study
Learn how OxTS’ helped Dronezone srl, analyse the structural integrity of an ageing railway bridge by conducting a LiDAR survey using a UAV.

OxTS Georeferencer Infosheet
Learn more about georeferencing LiDAR data with the OxTS Georeferencer information sheet.

NAVsuite for Survey and Mapping
Learn more about configuring, monitoring, post-processing and analysing your INS survey data with the NAVsuite for survey and mapping information sheet.

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