Communications for UAVs & GCS: Voice Communication & Recording System, Airborne Radio Gateways
OSV-IP1000 Unmanned Surface Vehicle Networking System

Unmanned Surface Vehicle Networking System

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To cope with the amount and variety of information to be exchanged, ONUR offers the most comprehensive networking solution for USVs, covering all range and bandwidth requirements. Unmanned Surface Vehicle Networking System (OSV-IP1000) provides a dependable and efficient network infrastructure for voice, data, and video exchange at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

The most obvious advantage of the system is the ability to provide full compatibility with the rest of the task force, where USVs are operated as part of a naval group. This feature also offers to deploy multiple USVs to operate in a mesh network.

The system utilizes all available communication means such as:

  • HF radios (NATO STANAG 5066)
  • UHF radios (NATO STANAG 4691)
  • Satellite and wideband wireless communication modules, to establish self-organizing multi-hop wireless networks.

OSV-IP1000 comprised of various scalable components:

  • Software-Defined Modem (OSBM-200)
  • Wireless Communication Module (WCM-500)
  • Intelligent Hybrid Network Router
Specifications / (Key Features)
  • Self-Forming and Self-Healing Networks Integrated
  • Multi-Channel Network Infrastructure
  • Compatibility with Military and Industry Standard Encryption
  • Congestion Avoidance
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Redundant Network Topology