Cyber Protection, Wireless MESH Communications & Data Links, Mobile GCS for Tactical UAVs & Robotics
Mini-Controller Pro Compact mobile tactical UAV controller
Mini-Controller Pro

Compact mobile tactical UAV controller

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Mini-Controller Pro

The MCU-Mini Controller Pro is designed to support federal and enterprise drones and robotics with a variety of different payloads.

Based around a 7" Windows Tablet with Intel 6th Generation core M5 Processor, the lightweight, compact unit provides real-time HD video and broadband data viewing and can be equipped with optional encryption facilities.

The rugged Mini Controller PRO is now compatible with SkyHopper’s COMBO multifunctional broadband wireless solution, which combines a built-in bi-directional SDR (software-defined radio) data link with LTE networking functionality, enabling connectivity anywhere and at any time. Incorporating an advanced ICE Cybersecurity suite, COMBO is designed for commercial, industrial and public safety drones as well as other robotic platforms, and ensures mission continuity even in challenging urban and NLOS non-line of sight) environments.