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XTENDER Software Development Tools Drone autopilot software testing & validation
XTENDER Software Development Tools

Drone autopilot software testing & validation

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XTENDER Software Development Tools

The XTENDERmp software development kit (SDK) provides a powerful set of tools that allow you to expand the functionality of MicroPilot autopilots to meet your specific requirements. The SDK features an intuitive API as well as a 6-DOF simulator that allows you to test your code with reduced risk and shortened development cycles.

Features of XTENDERmp include:

  • Customize enhanced airframe control laws
  • Develop custom GCS
  • Allow third-party software to access autopilot data
  • Control and collect data from custom sensors and payloads
  • Support a variety of video sources
  • Simulate states such as engine failure, loss of GPS lock, loss of RC signal, loss of communications, and low battery

XTENDERvalidate is a UAV design lifecycle software package that allows you to develop requirements and link them to flight, user, and simulator testing validation data. Users can clearly satisfy requirements via autopilot options, ground control station options, UAV design, and more. The software provides automated generation of test cards and documentation, easy progress tracking, and an integrated failure analysis tool.

Features of XTENDERvalidate include:

  • Freeze and roll back requirements and implementation
  • System and subsystem decomposition
  • Share requirement subsets among multiple aircraft
  • Requirements and implementation change history