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ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vehicle Armed Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV) for tactical maritime missions
ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Armed Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV) for tactical maritime missions

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ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Developed by the strong alliance of ARES Shipyard and Meteksan Defence, ULAQ is an armed Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) designed with a range of capabilities and functions for Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, Mine Countermeasures, Fire Fighting, and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and Electronic Warfare. ULAQ is eliminating human factors either by its remote control capability or by its sophisticated software to execute predetermined autonomous missions.

Built from advanced composites, ULAQ AUSV has up to 800 km range and 130 km/h speed, day & night vision capabilities, secure communication infrastructure and includes Roketsan’s 4 cells of Cirit and 2 of L-UMTAS as guided missile systems. The Surface Vehicle has a unique telescopic mast to utilize the E/O System for 360° enhanced day & night vision capability as well as increased target acquisition and designation range for laser guidance. With its modular structure, different payloads can easily be integrated to Surface Vehicle.

CRPA GNNS Anti-Jam System is a part of the ULAQ AUSV navigation system to obtain geographical information in case of a GNSS jamming attack. Class-B AIS Transponder, INS, Radar and O/B Sensor System whose are part of collision avoidance system of ULAQ AUSV, provide safe navigation with sense-and-avoid functions.

MCCS is the remote control station of the Surface Vehicle. Surface Vehicle can be operated or and monitored from MCCS. Considering its mobile and modular structure, MCCS has full capability to be easily integrated into a land (C2 center, Shelter etc.) or a manned surface platform in accordance with the operational need. 1st being the helmsman, 2nd being the weapon systems operator, there are 2 control consoles corresponding to the roles of the tactical mission. MCCS has been designed to operate 24/7. It has life and system support equipment such as power distribution units, lighting and air-conditioning. MCCS is easy to set-up and has user friendly GUI. MCCS with its modular structure and provisions supports all ULAQ series.