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AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link Tactical LOS Communication and Control for UAVs
AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link

Tactical LOS Communication and Control for UAVs

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AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link

AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link is a LOS air-to-air and air-to-ground real time bi-directional communication system that transmits Manned/Unmanned Systems command & control data and receives telemetry & high data rate real-time video data with highly reliable Electronic Warfare (EW) protection.

Surveillance data of Manned and Unmanned Air Vehicle sensors are compressed in H.264 format and transmitted to the ground control stations in long range by C-Band Data Link. Also UAV remote control data is transmitted from ground control station to UAV flight computer in real-time.

AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link is designed to be competitive with similar systems in the market targeting the main goals as easily adaptation for various platforms and cost effectiveness in procurement and maintenance. All subunits (modem, RF front-end, video and signal processing unit, carbon fiber composite antennas, radome and control units) are developed and produced by Meteksan.

Antennas are designed according to the suitable gain parameters achieved by link budget analysis. Reflector antenna surface is manufactured with carbon fiber composite so significantly decreasing the antenna weight. Air vehicle antenna radome is developed for resistance to airborne environmental conditions.

  • Data Rate: +10 Mbps (user data)
  • Data Range: +200 km
  • SWAP, modular and highly reliable design
  • Compliant to MALE/HALE airborne environmental conditions
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • Remote Video Transfer to Mobile Terminals
  • Multi Antenna Support
  • Point-To-Point, Ethernet IP Based Communication
  • Embedded GPS Support
  • Video Compression/Decompression: H.264
  • Automatic Tracking Antenna System
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Standards: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461