Compact, Micro LiDAR Sensors, Range Finders and Laser Scanners for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles
LW20/C microLiDAR™ – compact laser scanner Single-beam long-range laser rangefinder
LW20/C microLiDAR™ – compact laser scanner

Single-beam long-range laser rangefinder

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LW20/C microLiDAR™ – compact laser scanner

The LW20/C microLiDAR™ is a compact laser scanner designed to provide professional-grade performance for drones, self-driving cars and vehicles, and other robotic platforms.

Measurements can be made up to 100 metres away for long-range remote object detection, and the system provides a rapid scan rate of up to 388 readings per second.

The LW20/C provides driver hardware and software for easy interfacing with servos, enabling the creation of lightweight drone collision avoidance solutions. It can also be used as an altimeter for multirotor UAVs, providing high-accuracy measurements of height above ground level for proximity warning and automated landing systems.

The miniature LiDAR sensor can be easily connected to a wide variety of processors via serial or I2C, and runs from a single 5V power source. A rugged IP67-rated enclosure provides protection against water and dust.

Measuring range 0.2 … 100 m / 0.6 ... 328 ft
Update rate 48 ... 5 000 readings per second
Communication Serial UART and I2C (3.3 V TTL, 5 V tolerant)
Operating temperatures -10° ... 50 °C / 14° ... 122°F
IP rating Unit is IP67
Weight 19 g / 0.69 oz
Form factor 30 mm x 20 mm x 43 mm / 1.2 in x 0.8 in x 1.7 in
Power supply 4.5 V ... 5.5 V
Integration PX4, ArduPilot, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LightWare Studio