Rugged Push-Pull Connectors & Cable Assemblies for UAVs, UGVs and Robotics

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LEMO is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality custom connection solutions.

LEMO provide push-pull connectors that provide the highest level of performance in a variety of harsh and challenging environments, including industrial control, telecommunications, medical and military.

LEMO can also cater to all your prototyping, design and cable assembly needs, providing services of the same excellent quality in all these areas.

Lemo Push Pull Connectors

M Series COTS Connectors

Rugged Push-Pull Connectors for Harsh Environments

The LEMO M Series push-pull connector range has been designed specifically as a COTS solution for military, robotics, aerospace, Unmanned Aerial Systems and other demanding environment applications. Featuring a triple-start micro ratchet coupling and a rugged high-strength aluminium construction, the M Series is a superior alternative to MIL-38999 connectors, offering a smaller, lighter and more compact package.

LEMO M Series Connectors

Insert configurations are available from 2 up to 114 contacts, and high-current contacts and mixed-size configurations are available should your solution require power over LAN, three-phase power, or mixed high and low signals. A wide variety of shell design options can be chosen from, including fixed-panel, in-line plus and sockets, and MIL backshells.

LEMO M Series Connectors

The M Series has been tested to a variety of Mil-specs (including EIA 364 and MIL-STD 810), resulting in a high-quality, rugged product that is highly resistant to vibration, lightning, gunfire, chemical corrosion and a vast array of other harsh conditions found in a military or UAS environment. All M Series connectors are sealed to IP68 when mated and offer 360 degree screening for full EMC shielding.

LEMO MSeries Connectors