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Commercial Drone Components: Brushless Motors, ESCs, Propeller Blades

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Commercial drone componentsKDE Direct is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality components for single- and multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems (UAS). We are a market leader in both custom and off-the-shelf brushless motors, electronic speed controllers (ESCs), and military-grade propeller blades for commercial and industrial drones.

Our components are used in a wide variety of professional UAS applications, from LiDAR scans and surveying to mapping of oil rigs and agricultural crops and enabling heavy lifting unmanned aircraft in aerial cinematography.

Our products are created with detailed design intent, finite-element analysis, and the strictest machining guidelines. We have been awarded the ISO 9001 certification for our production facilities, and our products are RoHS (The Restriction of Hazardous Substances), CE (European Conformity), and WEEE (The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) compliant for commercial and industrial applications.

Heavy Lift UAS Brushless Motors

Drone with Brushless Motors
Our Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors are aerospace-grade products designed specially for heavy-lift commercial and industrial UAS applications. Featuring a high-efficiency 28-pole design and triple-supported, ABEC-7 angular-contact and radial bearings for high-thrust capacity and extreme durability, the motors have been engineered to provide the best possible performance for a wide range of unmanned flight needs.

The motors also incorporate high-temperature (240°C continuous, 340°C maximum) solid-core copper windings, 0.2mm silicon-steel stator laminations and Kevlar tie-wraps, and an integrated centrifugal fan for cool running temperatures and sustained performance in even the most extreme of conditions.

KDE10218XF-105 Brushless Heavy-Lift UAS MotorKDE8218XF-120 Brushless Heavy-Lift UAS MotorKDE5215XF-220 Brushless Heavy-Lift sUAS Motor
Motor Velocity Constant105 RPM/V120 RPM/V220 RPM/V
Motor Torque Constant0.0909 Nm/A0.0796 Nm/A0.0434 Nm/A
Motor Constant0.5997 Nm/√(W)0.4137 Nm/√(W)0.1554 Nm/√(W)
Max Continuous Current142+ A (180 s)110+ A (180 s)44+ A (180 s)
Max Continuous Power7355+ W (180 s)5695+ W (180 s)1955+ W (180 s)
Shaft Diameter10mm (15mm internal)10mm (12mm internal)4mm (8mm internal)
Shaft Length9.5mm9.5mm5.5mm
Motor Diameter109.1mm89mm60mm
Motor Length49.2mm49.2mm41mm
Motor Weight1075g (1180 g with Wires/Bullets)760 g (845 g with Wires/Bullets)305 g (360 g with Wires/Bullets)

The KDE700XF-295-G3 is a powerful motor that was designed and optimized with state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Magnetic Field Analysis software. Featuring solid-core copper windings, silicon-steel stator laminations and Kevlar tie-wraps, it is available in several shaft configurations: 6mm, 6mm XL, and 8mm XL.

KDE700XF-295-G3 Brushless Motor
Motor Velocity Constant295 RPM/V
Motor Torque Constant0.0324 Nm/A
Motor Constant0.2413 Nm/√(W)
Max Continuous Current139+ A (180 s)
Max Continuous Power7195+ W (180 s)
Shaft Diameter6mm or 8mm
Shaft Length34.5mm. 51mm or 56mm
Motor Diameter56mm
Motor Length74.7mm
Motor Weight655g (695 with Wires/Bullets)

Multi-Rotor UAS Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

UAS Electronic Speed ControllersOptimized for use with the UAS Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor Series, our plug-and-play Electronic Speed Controllers facilitate the next level of performance and efficiency for your unmanned aircraft applications. The Electronic Speed Controllers are housed in a rugged aluminium case and are sealed for all-weather operation, allowing them to be utilised in harsh environments.

Our UAS ECS also include active anti-spark circuitry, protecting the critical connectors upon each initial plug-in and system power-up and prolonging the system’s lifespan.

The pre-loaded production firmware enables an array of essential technologies for UAS flight applications:

Regenerative Braking – active braking during the motor deceleration phase, providing instantaneous response to the flight controller commands and matched-response to acceleration profiles, resulting in less “float” during flight

Temperature-Controlled Synchronous Rectification – our new proprietary algorithm enables smooth-running motors at low-throttle and improved, faster response under high-peak loads, all while significantly increasing flight-time efficiency and reducing operating temperatures

Dynamic Timing and Startup Power – optimally-tuned for smooth and precision-controlled startup, with no hesitation, stuttering, or response lag

Increased Drive and Throttle Frequency Resolution – high-accuracy, linear throttle response throughout full range of operation control

Motor Synchronization – factory-calibrated for consistent throttle control and frequency-matched start-up protocols

KDEXF-UAS55HVC Electronic Speed ControllerKDEXF-UAS95HVC Electronic Speed ControllerKDE-UAS125UVC Electronic Speed Controller
Refresh Rate600Hz (50-600Hz Adaptive)600Hz (50-600Hz Adaptive)2000Hz (50-2000Hz Adaptive)
Max Peak Current95A (5s)165A (5s)220A (5s)
Max Peak Power4220W (5s)7325W (5s)11395W (5s)
Max Continuous Current55+A (180s)4220+W (180s)125+A (180s)
Max Continuous Power2440+W (180s)95+A (180s)6475+W (180s)
Voltage Range11.1-52.2V11.1-52.2V11.1-60.9V
Max RPM10mm (15mm internal)10mm (12mm internal)11.1-60.9V
Size35mm (W) x 72mm (L)37mm (W) x 82mm (L)46mm (W) x 86mm (L)
Weight64g (96g with Wires/Bullets)78g (114g with Wires/Bullets)132g (180g with Wires/Bullets)

Multi-Rotor UAS Propeller Blades

Our carbon-fiber Propeller Blades are constructed from military-grade true carbon-fiber 3K materials. The propellers are provided in dynamically-balanced matched sets, allowing for quick install and swift operational readiness without the need for secondary balancing or other calibration.

The KDE-CF305-DP is a matched pair of carbon fiber UAS propeller blades. Measuring 30.5″ X 9.7″ and weighing 52.9 g/blade, the design is FEA (finite element analysis) optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight.

KDE-CF305-DP Drone Propeller Blades

The KDE-CF245-TP is a matched set of three carbon fiber 3K UAS propeller blades, measuring 24.5″ X 8.1 and weighing 34.9 g/blade. The design is FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight.

KDE-CF245-TP Drone Propeller Blades

KDE-HPAHL Drone Propeller Blade Adapter

The KDE-HPAHL is a hex propeller blade adapter for heavy-lift UAS. It accommodates dual-matched sets of triple-propeller blades such as our KDE-CF245-TP. Machined from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and Class 12.9 alloy steel, it provides a professional-quality, CNC balanced, highly durable folding-propeller assembly for our Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor Series.