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Detect-and-Avoid Drone Collision Avoidance System
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Iris Automation is a pioneering developer of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and drone collision avoidance technology. Our Casia detect-and-avoid system enables Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation for industrial UAVs, unlocking safer and more efficient extended-range flight.

The Casia UAV collision avoidance system has been extensively tested with over 12,000 real-world encounters and more than 50,000 simulated encounters involving manned aircraft against UAVs. The system is currently fielded by dozens of customers across 12 countries, and holds BVLOS approvals from regulators in the U.S., South Africa, and Canada.

Casia Drone Collision Avoidance System

Combined hardware and software for UAV situational awareness

Detect and avoid for BVLOS drone flights

Casia is a computer vision-based system that enables safe and reliable BVLOS operation. The combined hardware and software solution utilises state-of-the-art industrial cameras to provide full situational awareness to sense and detect obstacles and other aircraft. A sophisticated computing platform, based around the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and our proprietary intelligent algorithms, makes rapid real-time decisions and determines the safest course of action to avoid collisions.

Casia360 drone detect and avoid system

Our latest variant, Casia X, is the first commercially available 360-degree radial computer vision Detect-and-Avoid system for drones.



Drone Collision Avoidance Technology

Casia’s UAV obstacle detection technology uses three core pillars to equip drones with collision avoidance and vision capabilities that are even better than a human pilot:

  • Modelling of human perception and principles based on traditional aviation
  • Powerful, efficient software at the core of the system
  • Robust AI layered on deterministic systems.
UAV sense and avoid technology

Platform-agnostic for easy integration

Casia is a flexible, self-contained system with seamless plug-and-play capabilities that can be integrated into almost any UAV platform, including custom and COTS multirotor, fixed-wing, rotorcraft and hybrid drones. It is compatible with a wide range of UAV autopilots, including PX4, ArduPilot, and Cloud Cap Technology.

Plug & Play drone collision avoidance systemThe system, featuring an ultra-low SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint, is modular and easily upgradeable, with configurable camera modules and a wide range of power inputs.

Casia features multiple methods of integration, including bare-board and software-only options for maximum flexibility.

Learn more about the Casia detect-and-avoid system >

Ongoing development for maximum possible performance

We constantly strive to improve and upgrade Casia’s capabilities, performing over 20 hours of field testing every week on a variety of UAV airframes. We also perform additional validation and deep-learning testing on a specially developed state-of-the-art in-house simulator, which includes true 3D flight simulation built from real-world GIS mapping and stitching.

The rugged system also undergoes ongoing environmental testing under the most extreme conditions. Casia is housed in a tough anodized aluminium enclosure, with a robust build that puts it above the level of consumer electronics.

CasiaI Drone Detection Module

Casia is available in two variants: Long-Range and a 360-degree field of view five-camera solution for maximal situational awareness:

Casia I

Casia I
Sensor: 8.9MP
Detection Range: 1200m average, 1900m max
Field of View: Horizontal: 80°
Vertical: 50°
(W x L x D)
Module: 77 x 110 x 36 mm
Camera: 60 x 60 x 105 mm
Weight: 482g
Power: 10W Nominal, 15W Peak

Casia X

Casia X
Sensor: 5x 8.9MP
Detection Range: 1200m average, 1900m max
Field of View: Horizontal: 360°
Vertical: 50°
(W x L x D)
Module: 103 x 168 x 48 mm
Camera: 60 x 60 x 105 mm
Weight: ~2400g
Power: 45W Nominal, 60W Peak
Casia Long Range UAV Detect-and-Avoid Technology

Learn more about the Casia detect-and-avoid system >

Benefits of UAV Detect-and-Avoid Technology

Reduce pilot error: even the most highly skilled drone pilots and aviators can struggle to see and avoid obstacles and other aircraft when operating UAVs at extended range

Reduce operational risk: without a suitable sense-and-avoid solution, unmanned aircraft without a pilot on board have low situational awareness, leading to potential high-risk conflicts

Integration into national airspace: safe and effective detect-and-avoid technology is essential for integrating UAS into national airspace

Comply with regulations: for many jurisdictions, sense-and-avoid technology that mitigates the risk of collision will be mandatory to meet requirements for both LOS and BVLOS operation

BVLOS drone Powerline Inspections


Utilities and Powerline Inspections 

Inspection of electrical production, transmission and distribution facilities must be undertaken periodically to ensure continuous delivery. UAV-based inspection is safer and less costly than traditional manned inspection methods, and BVLOS operations will further increase efficiency, allowing drone crews to fly further and for longer without needing to move their base of operations.

Pipeline Inspections

Pipeline networks that transport oil and gas to refineries can stretch across multiple states and even countries. Routine inspections root out issues such as metal corrosion, loose welds or damage due to weather and other external factors. The ability to fly BVLOS UAV operations will allow miles of pipeline to be inspected in a safe, efficient manner. 

Railway Inspections 

Railroad companies may be responsible for thousands of miles of tracks across dozens of states with thousands of bridges that cross rivers, valleys and roads. BVLOS drone railroad inspection will provide significant time and cost savings without the need to interfere with rail schedules and operations.

Search and Rescue 

BVLOS drone operations allow emergency service personnel to conduct missions such as scene assessment, medical supply delivery and location of missing persons over a wide area and in hard-to-access terrain. 

Precision Agriculture

 Precision agriculture UAS carry out a wide variety of tasks, including pest management, crop health monitoring and seed planting. Sense-and-avoid technology will allow drones to operate over vast areas of farmland and keep them safe from collision with obstacles and other aircraft.

Learn more about the Casia detect-and-avoid system >

BVLOS Regulatory Resource Center

Our Regulatory Resource Center (RRC) is an online tool that provides complete end-to-end end to end assistance with the BVLOS waiver application process for Casia system customers and other organizations.

Supported by highly experienced aviation policy specialists, the RRC allows users to successfully apply for BVLOS waivers with the relevant civil aviation authority (CAA), streamlining the process and reducing the overall time of approval.

BVLOS Waiver Approvals
BVLOS Waiver Approval Process
BVLOS Drone Flight Approvals

Features of the RRC include:


Access to proprietary operational documentation generator library for achieving a complete Concept of Operations (CONOP)


Guided workflow and gap analysis, with notifications throughout the waiver lifecycle


Simplifies and streamlines the process, for novices and experts alike. The RRC structures compliant documentation preparation for a faster time of approval


Mission planning recommendations, including BVLOS capable drone (UAS) platforms, additional risk mitigations, training requirements and more

Plus, mission planning recommendations, including BVLOS-capable drone platforms, additional risk mitigations, training requirements and more.

The RRC is available as one of four subscription plans to suit your organization’s needs – Assess, Foundation, Application I and Application II. All levels allow unlimited users.

Learn more about the Regulatory Resource Center >

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